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Mom Comes to Visit – Pt 3

November 20, 2014

Monday marked my Mom’s 3rd and last day in San Francisco. We both slept in a little and I met her at her hotel for a quick breakfast after she had finished packing.


Apple Fritter

I had told her all about my love for Bob’s Apple Fritters so I made sure to pick one up for her to try before she left! Nothing like a Breakfast Donut to start the day off right.


Colourful Tree

Since Cobi had to work we decided to spend the day shopping!


Christmas Tree

The Christmas stuff was out in full force at Bloomingdales.



Now that Cobi and I are living in an apartment that has a bit of extra space, we’re going to get a tree this year!! I had fun picking out a few ornaments.


Candy Trees

When we were in town last year for Andy & Jesse’s wedding I remember seeing a Popsicle ornament that I loved. They still had it this year, and I was so excited to buy it! The rest of the treat ornaments weren’t quite as cute as last year, but I was happy with my Popsicle.



After we’d wandered through Bloomingdales we made our way to Gump’s, because we were told that their Christmas section was even more intense! We were not disappointed.



There were nutcrackers galore.

Snoopy was my favourite.


Eat Dessert First

Truer words were never spoken. Er, stitched.


Dog Ornaments

There were ornaments for every dog imaginable!

If only I had a puppy…



I loved these little guys.

When we were all Christmas’d out we stopped for a quick lunch, then got back to shopping.


Carolina Herrera Saks

We went to Saks to stare longingly at the beautiful clothes when we noticed there was a special Carolina Herrera collection on display.



Everything was so beautiful.


Piece Dress

We had so much fun looking at the collection.

Oh to have all the money in the world!


Black Dress Front

There were two models walking around in the dresses, and every few minutes they’d go change into new ones.


Black Dress Back

It was really cool seeing the dresses in action.


Ivory Dress

Weird how dresses look so beautiful on the frame of stunning 6ft tall models.



After we got our fill of the beautiful dresses we continued wandering around.


Carolina Herrera

When lo’ and behold we saw Carolina herself doing some shopping!!


Carolina Herrera Shopping

She was so beautiful, very elegant. She saw us peeking and came over to say hi!

She has very soft hands.

Overall it was a pretty fantastic day!


Bulldog Scarf

This scarf may have been the highlight… Shame about the ridiculous $400 price tag.

After a full day of shopping my mom went back to her hotel to pick up her luggage, packed away her purchases and got into a cab to the airport.

It was a quick little visit, but we packed in a lot of delicious fun and I can’t wait for her to come back for another trip!!

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