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Honeymoon in Spain
Day One: Flying to Madrid
Day Two: StreetXO
Day Three: Museums, Cocktails & Churros
Day Four: Castles, Cocktails & Tentacles
Day Five: Madrid -> San Sebastián
Day Six: Azurmendi
Day Seven: Arzak
Day Eight: Walking Pintxos Tour
Day Nine: San Sebastián -> Barcelona
Day 10: Tickets
Day 11: Brunching & Spa Day
Day 12: ABaC
Day 13: Barcelona -> Seville
Day 14: Seville Cathedral
Day 15: The Sun Came Out!
Day 16: Seville -> Madrid
Last Day: Home To Toronto 


Weddings, Karaoke & Pub Crawls in Liverpool
Adventures In Amsterdam
Hiking Through Luxembourg
Museums, Macarons & High Tea in Paris


Day One: Tours and Amorino Gelato
Day Two: Hediard and Hot Chocolate
Day Three: La Bon Marché, Hermès, and more Gelato
Last Day: Ladurée, High Tea and more Gelato


Day One: Delicious Dessert
Day Two: Harrods and the London Eye
Day Three: Fortnum & Mason, Exploring the City and Viva Forever
Day Four: Covent Gardens and High Tea
Last Day: Blue Skies and lots of Chocolate!
The Lights of London


New York
Trip 1
Day One: Cupcakes & Challah
Day Two: Shake Shack & Gelato
Day Three: More Cupcakes & Katz’s Deli
Day Four: Cronuts, Candy & Donuts
Last Day: MORE Cupcakes, Candy & Gelato!

Trip 2
Day One: Shake Shack and Shopping
Day Two: Burgers, Candy Shops and Toy Stores
Day Three: The Ritz, Cupcakes and Sightseeing
Last Day: More Shake Shack and Cupcakes


Costa Rica
Day One: Crazy Costa Rican Roads
Day Two: French Toast, Smoothies, and Poolside Drinks
Day Three: Crepes, Surfing and Secret Beach
Day Four: Bugs, Beverages and Botanicals
Day Five: Chicken Joe’s, Giant Lizards and Costa Rican Treats
Day Six: Zip Lining, Waterfalls, and Banana Bread
Day Seven: Banana Chocolate Rolls, Burgers and Random Jungle Kitty
Last Day: Breakfast Tacos and Puddle Jumpers


California Road Trip
San Fran
Day One: Amazing Shops, Kara’s Cupcakes and SusieCakes
Day Two: Soufflé Pancakes
Day Two Cont’d: Ghirardelli
Day Three: Scorpion Lollipops
Day Three Cont’d: Sightseeing and Kara’s Cupcakes
Day Four: Joe’s Cable Car and Ghirardelli
Last Day in San Fran: Vegan Cookies and Coffee Crunch Cake
Travel Day: Alcatraz and Road Trips
Day One & Two: Pancakes, Candy, Cupcakes and S’mores
San Diego
Donuts, Cupcakes and Milkshakes
Las Vegas
Day One: In N’ Out, Bellagio Buffet, and Candy
Day Two: Poolside, Cocktails, Treats


San Francisco
Day One: Exploratorium and Ghirardelli
Day Two: Shopping, Chinatown and Miette
Day Three: Half Moon Bay and Cake
Day Four: Soufflé Pancakes and the Wedding
Day Five: Beignets, Cupcakes, and wandering through the Mission

Palo Alto Trip 1
Grilled Cheese, Best Breakfasts and Candy Galore!

Palo Alto Trip 2
Kara’s Cupcakes, Truffles and Hamburgers

Palo Alto Trip 3
Soufflé Pancakes, Cookie Dough Oreos and In-N-Out Burgers


Crazy American Food
More Crazy American Food

Day One: Chocolate Cake, Lava Cake and Cupcakes
Day Two: Cookies, Ice Cream, Crème Brûlée Cheesecake
Day Three: Shopping, Candy, S’mores Pie

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