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Our Wedding

November 28, 2018

On October 13th, 2018, Cobi and I got married at the Globe & Mail Centre in Toronto.

If you ask our family, it was a long time coming and they were so happy the day had finally arrived.

For us, we’ve had such an incredible ten years together, and this day was icing on the cake.


We were staying at the King Edward Hotel, which is where we each got ready the day of the wedding.



I’d been preparing the little details for so long, it was exciting to finally see it all come together.

I wore a pair of earrings that belong to my mom, and a beautiful necklace that was a gift from Cobi’s mom.



I also had a beaded headband that I was going to wear in my hair for a little added sparkle, as I wasn’t planning on wearing a veil.



My favourite accessory, other than my engagement ring of course, were my shoes!

They were the first thing I bought when we got engaged, and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I’d always wanted a beautiful pair of Manolos, but I could never justify the cost. They are the epitome of wedding shoes to me, so I decided to splurge. I went with flats because I knew I would wear them again – I’m not much of a heels girl, and I wanted to be completely comfortable the day of the wedding!



For my dress, I knew I wanted to go with two pieces. I loved the idea of a pretty tulle skirt and a simple top, and I couldn’t believe how much trouble I had finding what I was looking for. This was the only option I had found during my hunt, and luckily it was perfect. I loved that I could have the skirt shortened after the wedding to wear as a great party skirt, and could easily wear the top with beautiful dress pants, or high waisted jeans and a blazer.



Cobi’s shoes and accessories were just as cool. I had no idea what he was wearing the day of (because he thought it was unfair that only my outfit was going to be a surprise), but he had shared some of his accessories with me. I knew about the pink floral pocket square and the black & pink bowtie, so we could coordinate appropriately with groomsmen and the rest of the wedding party.



I also knew about his frenchie cufflinks. Our silly French Bulldog, Jobin, wasn’t able to be with us on our special day, but she was there in spirit!



The most important part of day-of prep is good champagne. And of course my mother brought her own champagne glasses, to ensure we enjoyed it in style!



My mom also got me the cutest Kate Spade robe that I absolutely loved.



My two bridesmaids, Sophie & Alyssa, wore robes from Nordstrom as we were getting ready. I loved the colours and the lace detail, plus they were so soft!



I had a hard time deciding what to put the girls in. Ideally they would be able to wear the outfits again, which is why I was leaning toward two pieces. Plus, it was a similar style to my dress, which I liked! We ended up finding really pretty floral skits from Aritzia, which we paired with simple sleeveless blouses with mesh detail. They also wore sashes around their waist, similar to the one I’d be wearing. In the end, I really loved their outfits!



While I wasn’t planning on wearing a veil, I did have one. Mostly because other people said I needed to have one… I never pictured myself in a veil, so I knew it was going to be a last minute decision, if I wore it or not.



Hair was done, makeup was done, it was time to put on the dress!!



I was a bit nervous because the top had been a little big at my last fitting. The tailor took it in, but there was still a little bit of space.



If I stood up nice and straight, you could hardly tell!



I loved the simplicity of my dress, with delicate straps and a few buttons, finished with a big bow in the back.



Speaking of bows, the guys were having a hard time tying their bowties.

Usually I was the one who tied bowties, but they had to figure this one out on their own!



There were a few tried (and failed) attempts.



Eventually, the photographer needed to step in and lend a hand, while Cobi captured this excellent shot!



They managed to figure it out, and made their way to the venue.



He and his groomsmen seemed to have fun with their photos.



We decided to do our pictures before the ceremony, so we would be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests.

The venue had a beautiful balcony overlooking the city, which was perfect for photos!



I think I was more surprised to see Cobi’s outfit than he was to see mine! He knew I was wearing a white dress, but I had no idea what he was wearing.


I loved his outfit. Blue velvet jacket with a floral pattern paired with black tuxedo pants and the coolest loafers ever, which were custom made from the same fabric of his jacket! And of course, pink details, because it’s Cobi. He totally nailed it.


Before we took more photos, I kindly offered to re-tie the bowties…



It was a little cold on the rooftop, as it was only 13 degrees! Luckily there was a fireplace that kept us toasty warm.



Our shoe game was strong.



We had a hard time being serious while taking our photos…



A lot of them came out pretty silly!



In the end, the photographers did manage to capture a few really lovely photos!

I loved how I looked without the veil, so I decided not to wear it in the end. The dress was so pretty, I wanted that to be the focus!



Hard to take a bad photo with that background…



When guests started to arrive, the bridal party went into a room to chill for a bit before the ceremony. We had a signature drink at the wedding, the “Cobi Libre”, which was Mount Gay rum and Mexican Coke and a lime. We all enjoyed one while waiting for the ceremony to start.



We asked my younger brother Sam to play the ceremony music, and he played How Long Will I Love You, from the About Time soundtrack. It’s such a lovely song, and as soon as I heard him start to play the tears started flowing!



Cobi was cool as a cucumber, as always. He loved the attention as he walked down the aisle!



I do less well in the limelight, and was also just trying to keep my shit together.

I’m an emotional person at the best of times, so I was a wreck.



The whole ceremony was phenomenal. Cobi’s cousin Jonathan officiated, and my cousin Lexi did a really cute and silly reading. It was all so perfect.



Jonathan knocked it out of the park. The ceremony was so, so funny, while still being very heartfelt and personal. We were laughing the entire time. I am so glad we got a video of it (thanks Jay!!), it’s fun to re-watch.

Okay, time to party!!



The tables looked stunning, I was so happy with how everything turned out.

The flowers were courtesy of From The Potting Shed. Elaine is an old friend of my mom’s and it was really lovely having her do our wedding flowers.



The simple greenery down the table with the small bud vases was exactly what I had envisioned. And the stainless steel trays were perfect for the BBQ dinner we were serving!



My friend Christina did the calligraphy for all the name cards, and she did a beautiful job. Cobi and I made two kinds of BBQ sauce as favours – one was a Kansas City style sauce, and the other was a South Carolina style sauce. I loved how they looked, and people seemed to enjoy them.


I was so excited when the appetizers started coming out!

Adamson BBQ catered the wedding, Cobi’s favourite BBQ place in the city.  The appetizers were Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Mac & Cheese Balls, and Short Rib Tacos. Each was better than the last.



As the sun started to set, Cobi and I went back out to the balcony to take some more photos.



We chose the venue for the views, and we were not disappointed! Made for some really incredible photographs.



Dinner time!!


Brisket, pork ribs, turkey & sausages.

Coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and pickles.

I couldn’t wait.


We were nervous about doing a buffet, getting people through the line quickly and easily, but Adamson’s did an incredible job.


Everything was so good. I unfortunately didn’t have much of an appetite, which was devastating. At least everyone else seemed to enjoy it! Nothing better than seeing people go back for seconds (and thirds!).



We asked the DJ to focus on 80’s music for the evening, and we kicked it off with our first dance to Lionel Richie’s You Are.



Neither of us are dancers, but we swayed about nicely.


Then the party really got started!



I was very nervous to be lifted…

The chairs were really slippery, so I had to hold on pretty tight in order to not fall off.



My mother, of course, loved it.


Opa (my Dad’s dad) was a dancing machine.

At this point I’d had to take my contacts out. I’m not a good contacts-wearer due to extremely dry eyes, so I had to return to my glasses.



It was incredible having my grandparents there celebrating with us, and I really wish Grammar (my Mom’s mom) had been there, too.



Arguably the most important part of the evening – dessert.

We chose The Rolling Pin to do our desserts, as I’d been obsessed with their treats on Instagram for the longest time and knew they would be the perfect people to supply an over-the-top dessert table!


There were cookies, pop tarts, bars, cream puffs, mini pies, donuts, butter tarts and macarons. I tried a few bites of everything, it was all amazing.

We also went to Bulk Bark and had a few jars of candy on the table too, for good measure.



Later in the evening, we had some late night McDonalds delivered.

Nothing like rounding out a meal with cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and fries!



Overall, it was a perfect day.

Thank you to Felix & Alex, the wonderful photographers at Ikonica, for capturing all these incredible pictures.

Home to Toronto

November 27, 2018

Our flight home was at 12:30pm, so we were able to have a bit of a slow morning packing our bags, making it to the airport.


Goodbye Madrid! You were lovely.



While in the airport, we were sure to buy a few more snacks for the flight.

I don’t even want to know how much I spent on candy this trip…



I love how colourful the airport was!



Cobi is an angel and upgraded us again on our flight back. The only positive part of his constant work travel is all the points he’s amassed.



While not Michelin-rated, the lunch was pretty good. At least I didn’t need to suck the prawn head…



Cobi had to get his final food snaps in.



Rice, chicken, mushrooms, leeks and asparagus.

Gotta love business class!



Before we landed, they asked if I wanted some liqueur or coffee with my fruit. They were kind enough to put the Bailey’s in my coffee, which is one of my very favourite things. If they had been able to add sweetened condensed milk, I’d have been in heaven.



I’ve seen this movie a million times, but couldn’t help watching it again…



They also served us a light dinner of salami, cheese, chicken and veggies, with orange slices and chocolate. If they had served every part separately, it would have been a tasting menu!



In what felt like no time, we left the sunny skies and descended into the clouds.



Hey Toronto, you cold, grey, wonderful place. I guess we were at least a little happy to get home…



Mostly because it meant seeing this little potato again! We missed her wrinkly little face.

We also had the wedding photos to look forward to. And of course, Christmas is coming…

Seville -> Madrid

November 26, 2018

We set our alarms for 8am, finished packing, and went for breakfast.


Of course, we went back to Milk Away. I got the same thing as yesterday, the blueberry smoothie bowl. This time, they also added mandarins and mangos. It was so good.

After we ate, we grabbed our bags and walked back to the parking garage. €70 to park for three nights… ouch.

Luckily, the tolls back to Madrid were low, under €5 total.



We were on the road by 10am, getting into Madrid for 3pm.

We found parking near the apartment, then dropped our bags off inside before heading out again.



In the two weeks we were away, Christmas had come to Madrid! I loved it. Cobi thought I was crazy. What else is new.



We went back to Mercado San Miguel, and had a few little snacks. And of course some Estrella Damm Lemon!



In the market was a Rocambolesc Gelateria. It’s owned by the pastry chef of El Cellar de Can Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world. Of course we needed to try something…



We decided to get the Panet, which was a brioche bun filled with ice cream and toasted.



We went with chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces and honeycomb, topped with caramel sauce.



Amazing. I was so excited…



Into the little panet maker it goes!



Hot on the outside, cold on the inside. It was so delicious.

We were pretty full at this point and were planning on going back to StreetXO again, so we needed to walk around a ton to build up our appetite.

StreetXO opens at 8:30pm, and last time we arrived at 8:45pm to a huge line. We decided to get there for 7:45pm, but there was already a huge line! The wait was about an hour and a half, similar to last time.



When we neared the front of the line, we were served cocktails. I went for the same thing I had last time, some sort of giant flowery drink with a gingery kick. So good.



Cobi was served a slushy rum drink.



While we waited for our food, we ordered another drink. We went with a white chocolate pineapple drink, which we had tried last time too. It was so good.



We ordered a bunch of things we hadn’t tried last time. We started with quail egg, ricotta and pork baos which were amazing.



Next up was scallops with kimchi. I don’t usually like scallops, but all the scallops we’ve had on this trip have been incredible.



Next was Singapore Laksa, with whole prawns.

After learning how to suck the meat out of the head at ABaC, I was an old pro.



Next up was fried noodles with pork and smoked bacon. Cobi really enjoyed this one!



Because there was no dessert menu, we got crispy pork dumplings for dessert! We had these last time too, and they were our favourite dish.



We also had a liquid dessert – Pineapple & Rum Slush for Cobi.



And a Chocolate Orange cocktail for me.



Fuller, fatter, and sleepier than the last time we were here…

What an absolutely fabulous (and delicious) Honeymoon! We were both so sad to be heading home.

Spain – we will definitely be back for another visit soon.

The Sun Came Out!

November 25, 2018

We didn’t set an alarm, waking up just before 10am. The weather was so much nicer, we didn’t need hats or coats!!


We went back to Milk Away, because I loved it. Cobi had the apple pie porridge, and I had a blueberry smoothie bowl. Mine had bananas, grapes, goji berries, almonds and granola. Unfortunately Cobi’s was a little bland, but mine was amazing!



This is what I get when I ask Cobi to “take a nice photo of me”. He likes to take photos before I’m ready, or when I think he’s done.

What a gem.



Look at that blue sky! It was the nicest day we had on the whole trip.

Go figure it was our last day of exploring… The next day we were driving back to Madrid, flying back home the following day.



We walked to the Plaza de Toros, but our timing was off to do a tour.

I don’t like the idea of bullfighting anyway, so I didn’t care too much to miss it.



Instead, we walked to the Plaza de Espana.



I couldn’t get over how nice it was out!



We walked through the park, and around the plaza. It was really beautiful.



Then we walked across the bridge into Triana, wandering down some side streets when we happened upon a crazy busy street decorated to celebrate La Esperanza.



The Virgin of Hope of Macarena is moved from one location to another, in a big ceremony celebrating its 600th anniversary, dating back to 1418.



The exact route of the shrine is never shared so we didn’t end up staying to watch, but we did find videos that people posted later – it looked amazing!



We stopped for Radlers and Ciders – I am so obsessed with the radlers here. And the Estrella Damm Lemon!



We also got some Paella, but it was only okay.

Almost three weeks in Spain and we didn’t eat any good paella! Oops…



We kept walking, and came across another little square. We sat in the sun and enjoyed a gin& tonic and a radler.



On our way back to the Airbnb, Cobi found a meat and cheese vending machine… He thought it was the coolest thing ever, I thought it was kinda weird.



Right around the corner from our place we found a little cookie shop called Dulce Regina.



The cookies looked amazing. I was so bummed we found this place on our last day in Seville!

We got three flavours, a classic chocolate chip, a salted chocolate chip, and a walnut chocolate chip.



The classic was really good – perfectly soft and crispy.



The salted one was the best!



Walnut was fine, but needed more chocolate chips.

The temperature had cooled a little at this point, so we went back to our place to change before heading back out to wander the parts of town we hadn’t explored yet.

All the streets were so narrow, it was really cool.



As we were walking, something smelled delicious. We found a Turron shop, where we bought some candied cashews (right), marcona almond brittle (left), and these weird cookie things filled with peanut butter (middle). The cashews were so, so good.



After a few hours of exploring, I was getting hungry. We stopped at El Pinton for dinner. The restaurant was really busy, but there was room at a table outside. There were heat lamps, so it was perfect! Cobi ordered vermouth, and I got red sangria. It had bananas in it, which was weird and delicious.



We shared a few things, starting with Patatas Bravas. These were the best we’d had on the trip!



Next we had tuna tataki, which was also so good. I’m not sure what the sauce was, but it was amazing.



Last we shared glazed pork ribs. Cobi’s pork ribs are better, but these were still really good. Especially the roasted garlic potatoes they were served on top of. The meal more than made up for Cobi’s bland breakfast and our mediocre lunch!



On our way home, we stopped at an ice cream shop with bubble waffles.



We went for Brownie ice cream in a vanilla bubble waffle, topped with caramel sauce and full Twix bars! It was so good.

Afterwards, we walked back home, packed our bags and fell asleep.

Seville Cathedral

November 23, 2018

It was calling for rain in the afternoon, so we woke up early to take advantage of the sun while it was out.


Cobi found us a little cafe called Milk Away, that served juices and smoothies.



Cobi got avocado toast (of course), and I got an amazing apple pie smoothie bowl. It was so good. It had apples, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, honey and granola.



Our rooftop tour didn’t start until 12:30pm, so we wandered around town to get a feel for it, and see what else we wanted to do while we were there. We bought tickets to the Real Alcázar de Seville, which we planned on touring after the cathedral.



When we got to the cathedral, the guide immediately took us up some old, narrow staircases to start the tour.



First we were taken to the upper balconies, where we could see the whole cathedral from a great vantage point. Everything was so narrow and high up, I felt a little queasy as we were making our way along!



It was a bit rainy as we got to the roof, but it was very cool. The detail was insane for something that no one really sees!



It was cool seeing Seville from up here.



We made our way up even higher, and the spiral staircase leading up was pitch black! Really cool, but kinda freaky.



Heading down was almost as crazy, it made me dizzy and some sections were really dark. It was a great tour – definitely worth paying extra for the rooftop tour!



We went straight from the cathedral to the palace. It had started to rain a bit harder at this point, which was a shame as a majority of the palace tour was outside.



The inside was crazy, so elaborate and beautiful.



The Muslim and Christian influences were so cool.



We stopped in the food court for a bacon pizza flatbread thing, a brownie, a gin & tonic for Cobi and a beer for me. The gin was Tanqueray made with Seville oranges which was so good.



It was really pouring at this point, so after we finished in the palace we ran to a coffee shop for a little pick me up. Cobi got a cappuccino and I got a Caramel latte – there was so much caramel in it, it was insane. I loved it.



I was afraid of missing the Taiyaki place again, so we went for a pre-dinner snack!



I went with Dulce de Leche covered in Oreo bits.



It was the perfect rainy day treat.

We went back to the Airbnb to dry off and warm up, then went to a place called No Lugar for dinner.



It was such a cool place.



Really great vibe, and the service was lovely.



We ordered a few dishes to share, starting with the most incredible deep fried cauliflower. The pieces were enormous and the dipping sauce was so delicious.



We also ordered a Pork Katsu Curry which was amazing, too.

After dinner and too much wine, we made our way back to Garlochi to see if we had more luck.



It was open! And just as weird as I was expecting…



We ordered their signature drink, the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ), which was grenadine, whisky and Cava.



We also got rum & cokes, at which point I was feeling very drunk and sleepy. We walked back to the Airbnb and fell into a lovely, deep sleep.

Barcelona -> Seville

November 22, 2018

We set our alarms for 7am, as we had a 9.5 hour (1,000 km) drive ahead of us.


We had breakfast delivered to our room for 8am, and it was so over the top. Fruit, pastries, multiple types of yogurt, an egg dish, a sandwich, OJ & coffee.



I was still so full from the night before, so I tried my best to eat some fruit. One of the yogurts came in a little jar with fruit at the bottom, and it was the most delicious yogurt I have ever had in my entire life.



Around 500km in, we stopped for gas and some snacks. We didn’t grab a real lunch, as we packed some of the leftovers from breakfast to bring with us.

We couldn’t believe the tolls on the drive – some were just a couple euros, but some were almost €40!! To be fair, the roads were in excellent condition. We could have avoided tolls, but it would have added over an hour to the already long drive.



We arrived in Seville just after 6pm, dropped our bags off at the Airbnb, then took a crazy roundabout route to the parking garage. The roads were so narrow, it was crazy. The lot was full, but we waited until someone left to get a spot. The drive there took us 15 minutes, but only 5 minutes to walk back!



We wandered around the streets for a bit, looking at the Metropol Parasol and the Seville Cathedral. Seville is such a beautiful city, I couldn’t wait to explore it.



We passed a bar called Garlochi, which Cobi’s cousin suggested we check out. It didn’t open until 9pm, so we decided to come back after dinner.



We also found a Taiyaki place that I wanted to go to!

But first – I needed dinner. Having not had any real lunch, I was getting hangry.



Cobi found a place called La Bodega de Alfalfa, a tapas bar. We got there right as it opened, so we got a table right away.



I had gotten to the point where I was so hungry I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat. I ended up going with an egg, potato and iberico ham dish that was so comforting and delicious. I could eat nothing but eggs and potatoes and I’d be so happy.



Cobi ordered a chickpea spinach dish that looked disgusting, but was so, so good.

While we were eating, I bought tickets to tour the Cathedral – we didn’t want another Barcelona mistake to happen! We paid a bit extra to do a rooftop tour. I was excited.



I was hoping to get ice cream at the Taiyaki place after dinner, but it was closed by the time we were done diner! I’d have to go back another day. Instead we made our way back to Garlochi, but it wasn’t open yet, even though it was after 9pm. We walked around the town a bit more to kill time, but it was still not open an hour later!



I was pretty tired at this point, so we decided to give up and try again the next night.

We went back to our Airbnb and passed out almost immediately. The long day of driving really knocked us out!

ABaC Restaurant

November 21, 2018

The weather was so much better today, so we woke up early to get in as much exploring as we could.


We took a cab back to the Plaça de la Sagrada Familia, as we were hoping to tour it today.



Unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out! So we took some photos of the outside, and decided to go get breakfast instead.

We had not done the best job of planning in Barcelona… oh well. Gives us an excuse to come back another time!



We found a cute little cafe called Cachitos, that had the best selection of specialty coffees and pastries. I ordered a coffee with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and it was amazing.



We shared toast with bacon and eggs, and a delicious honey pastry that I can’t describe, but melted in your mouth. It was incredible.



We toured the Gothic Quarter again, this time with dry feet. We did a self-guided tour, and learned a lot about how the old churches were re-done with the Gothic style to increase tourism!



We found our way to the Jewish Quarter, and toured the “largest” synagogue in Barcelona at the time.



It was so small. The rule at the time was that any Synagogue must be smaller than the smallest church. Which means they were teeny tiny.



The museum guide told us a little about the history of Jews in Barcelona, and then we looked around at the artefacts that had been donated to the museum.



We went back to the Mercat de la Boqueria for a small bite to eat. We didn’t want to eat too much, as we had another 3 Michelin star meal later that evening.

The market was so busy and full of amazing food, we had a hard time deciding what to get!



We found a bakery that had delicious looking baklava, and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to find the stall again so we bought a piece.



It was so enormous, and so delicious. I love starting a meal with dessert.



Next we found a stall with focaccia, prosciutto, tomato, oil and spice. It was also enormous and delicious.



There were so many stalls with fresh juice, I was excited to try one. There were so many flavours, it was hard to choose! I ended up going with a mango coconut juice.



Last, we picked up a little honey churro to share. Perfect meal!



After our lunch, we walked around the city a bit more before stopping at Nappuccino, an adorable nap cafe.


There were little pods and beds where you could chill and relax with your coffee.



We didn’t nap, but we did get coffee! Cobi had tea, and I had a ginseng coffee. It gave us the fuel we needed to walk back to the hotel.

We had a bit of time before dinner, so we napped and took a dip in the hot tub. Perfection.



Dinner was at the ABaC restaurant, which was part of our hotel. It was our final Michelin meal, and I was excited!



The meal started in the kitchen, where they showed us each station and we were served a lime mint sorbet on a green leaf meringue, topped with a begonia. It was as delicious as it was cool to look at!



The next appetizer was a caramelized bread macaron with spicy tomato sauce and basil. The crispy cracker was so amazing and sweet.



The final appetizer was tuna tartare with egg yolks in a crispy nori wrap. Such a great start to the meal.



We were then seated at our table, where they put some sort of seaweed in a hot pepper liquid and left it.



Eventually, the seaweed absorbed the liquid and expanded.



They took out the seaweed and served it with the first dish, which was their take on the Gilda pintxos. Freeze dried green olive with an anchovy butter and the peppered seaweed. I’m glad we had learned the history of the Gilda before coming here!



I liked the plating of this more than the dish itself. The oyster was good, but it was too mineral-y for me. Loved the plates, though…



This was one of my absolute favourites. Squid Tartare with some sort of sweet puffed rice. It was unbelievably good.



Next, they placed a little pot of water over a flame on the table, along with prawn heads.



They didn’t do anything with the prawn heads, and served us a sort of onion risotto. It tasted like the most delicious french onion soup. It was accompanied by a cheesy, truffley cream puff. So rich, so unreal. Another highlight of the trip!



While we were eating the last dish, the pot of water had started to boil and they put in the prawn heads. Then they served the heads with prawn rice and a garlic aioli. I have never sucked the meat out of a prawn head before. It was weird…



Next up was red mullet with watercress and some sort of amazing sauce.



Earlier in the evening, the server put a candle on our table. Turns out, the ‘wax’ was actually pig fat! They told us to dip the bread in the ‘wax’. Coolest dinner ever. I love how they prepared things at the table, in really inventive and surprising ways!



The pig fat was served with pig head parts that I don’t want to think about, and a soup with pork meat balls.



Then we were served roasted pig cheek with what looked like an egg yolk but was actually pumpkin!



Next up was pigeon two ways. First was a “drumstick” of a croquette.



Then was pigeon with carrots and a carrot purée.



Last was the most inventive cheese course I have ever seen. They were spherified cheese liquid, similar to the sperified olives and lychee from Tickets.

We’d eaten a surprising amount of mullet, pigeon, raw squid, and spherified foods on this trip…



Dinner had been so cool, I was excited for dessert! They brought the pot of boiling water back, which had vanilla and pieces of Jack Daniels barrels inside.



Before we could figure out what the pot was for, we were served a white chocolate, lemon and coconut cream with coconut ice cream sphere bits. So refreshing and delicious.



Once the liquid had boiled, they poured it over top of the ice cream to melt it.



Then, they added liquid nitrogen to make a new ice cream! Ridiculous.



They served the ice cream with a creme brûlée chocolate.



The final dessert was their take on carrot cake. It was a carrot ice cream with a spiced cream and cake. Very cool.



The Petite Fours course was just as over the top as the rest of the meal. There was a delicious boozy strawberry that I loved.



My favourite part was the beet sorbet lipsticks.



Beautiful and delicious!



I was pretty stuffed at this point, and couldn’t really eat anything else. I’m sure these chocolate things would have been lovely.



I did have a marshmallow, which was amazing. The other, I did not have, as it was some sort of white chocolate goat cheese thing which is not my jam.



Finally, was espresso chocolate and minty chocolate.

So good. So full.

Thank goodness our room was just upstairs. I rolled myself into the elevator, then rolled myself into bed. I was so tired. We went to bed almost immediately, as we had an early start the next morning to drive to our final destination – Seville!

Brunch & Spa

November 20, 2018

We didn’t set our alarms again, and ended up sleeping until 11am (which was actually noon, as the clocks went back an hour).


We got ready slowly, and took a cab to Travel & Cake, which is a sister restaurant to the place we went the day before.



The wait was around 35 minutes again, but at least it wasn’t really raining!



I ordered brioche french toast with bacon and sweet potato fries, and Cobi got a chicken avocado sandwich.

I’m not sure if mine was amazing or if I was just starving, but I inhaled it. Again, presentation was prioritized over anything else, but it was still good. I liked the salty sweet mixture of my breakfast.



We walked around a little bit after breakfast, slowly making our way back to the hotel.



The sun came out when we got back, so we decided to take advantage of it and hang out on our deck for a bit.



I wish we’d had more of this weather yesterday!



We poured ourselves little rum & cokes from the mini bar, and hopped in the hot tub.

Then we had a siesta before our 6pm massages later. It was the perfect slow, relaxing day.

I went for a relaxation massage, and the bed was like a waterbed! It was really cool. Cobi did a deep tissue massage. He said it was good, but he hurt afterward. We spent some time in the spa afterward, before heading back up to our room to get ready for dinner.



I had been craving pasta, so we found a DYI Italian place called Macchina, where you can build your own pasta dishes.



We shared Burrata to start, which was so, so good. And so cheap! Burrata this good would cost a ton back home.



I got a simple Carbonara, one of my all time favourite pastas.



Cobi had an olive oil and garlic gnocchi with porchetta.

It was so good. Definitely one of the simplest meals we’d had to date, but it hit the spot.



On our way back to the hotel, we passed a crazy candy store and couldn’t help getting more Haribo treats. We snacked on some treats in bed, before going to sleep. We hadn’t explored Barcelona much yet, so we were hoping to get a good sleep tonight to wake up early tomorrow!

Tickets Restaurant

November 19, 2018

We didn’t set an alarm, and had a luxurious sleep in. When we did finally get up, we saw that it was pouring rain, so we decided to take a cab to breakfast.


We went to the cutest little place called Brunch & Cake. There was a huge line when we got there – good thing we had our umbrellas!



After about 35 minutes standing in the rain, we were seated at a table in the window.


The fresh squeezed OJ was amazing, as was the chocolatey coffee.

I got avocado toast with fruit, and Cobi got fried eggs benedict. Both were good, but it seems like presentation was more important than the food itself. Mine was really hard to eat, but I still enjoyed it!

After breakfast, we went back out in the rain to wander around. I was pretty cold, so I stopped at Zara to pick up a warm hat.



We walked over to the Mercat de la Boqueria, and walked through all the stalls.



Everything looked and smelled amazing.



Especially this pile of candy…



The main reason for our visit to the market was to get an ice cream treat from Puerto Latino. There were fruity popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and tons of flavours of gelato.



We couldn’t decide. The Banana Caramel and Cookie Butter looked particularly tasty.



As did the Snickers.



We decided to get a mixture of all the best flavours. Banana Caramel and Snickers for me, with Salted Caramel and Cookie Butter for Cobi. So delicious.



We kept walking around the Gothic Quarter, doing our best to stay dry. We came across the Basílica Santa Maria del Mar, and decided to check it out. We’d missed the English guided tour, and did a self-guided tour instead.



It was enormous, and very impressive.



Regardless of the size, the staircases are always small and narrow.



They reminded me of the staircase we had to climb to our hotel room in Luxembourg!


Enormous church, tiny doorways.



We walked past the Museu Picasso… but the line was insane.

Walking past a museum is the same as going in, right?



We walked to the Arc de Triomf, and were too tired to walk the rest of the way home so we jumped in a cab back to the hotel.



We put on our plush robes and slippers, and went down to the spa.


We alternated between the hot tub, pool, sauna and steam room. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

After we had sufficiently relaxed, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner.



Dinner tonight was at Tickets, a one Michelin star restaurant. Again I knew little to nothing about the restaurant prior to arriving, but I did know it was going to be a bit more fun than the other places we’d gone to!



The vibe was old-school Circus. I loved it.



Definitely the most fun and playful place we’ve been yet.

There were two options for the dinner – either choose dishes a la carte, or have the restaurant choose for you. We decided to go with the latter, and see what they presented us with!



First up was one of their specialties – Spherified Liquid Olives. If you’ve watched Albert Adrià’s episode of Chef’s Table, you’ll have seen this dish. It was served alongside mackerel with prosciutto, and a delicious tomato-y bread.



We also ordered some cocktails. I can’t for the life of me remember what they were, but they were both sweet and very delicious.



This was one of my favourites – Squid Sashimi. I’m usually not a big squid person, but the texture and flavour of raw squid is unbelievable. We had it again later in the trip, definitely a new favourite.



This was a wafer with very thinly sliced porcini mushrooms. I’m also not usually a mushroom person (again because of the texture), but this was amazing.



Sea Urchin on crispy potatoes. This was not my favourite. Too mineral-y, tasted like an aquarium.



Next up was Tuna Two Ways. The first was tuna tartare with nori crackers, and the second was tuna belly on an air puff cracker. Both so good.



This next dish was another first for me. Razor Clams and Barnacles, with some sort of jelly for dipping. I had no idea how to eat them, but luckily we were given instructions.



The lighter bits were the razor clams, and the darker bits on the ends were barnacles. Both were incredible, it was such an interesting dish.



These were “prosciutto” crackers with cured beef. Simple and delicious.



Next was tomato and burrata. Again, very simple but really good.



These were oysters with some sort of sauce – can’t quite remember what the sauce was, but it was lovely and fresh! Poor Cobi had a cold and had lost a majority of his sense of taste, so he also has no idea what this was.



This dish was another of my favourites – Mussels in a green curry sauce. Loved them so much, I could have eaten a ton more!



This one looked like Christmas. Beef with pickled onions and cheese on top of crackers, dusted with powdered vinegar, We were asked to try the powder and guess what it was. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but once we were told it made total sense!



This was a very cool dish, called Squid Risotto in two parts. First we were instructed to eat the squid, without drinking the liquid.



Then, they spooned Zucchini Seeds (the ‘risotto’), into the broth. The Zucchini seeds had such an interesting texture, but I’m sure harvesting them would be a nightmare. I’m thinking we’ll try it once, just to see…



Next up was Marrow Bone in two parts. The first part was potato stuffed with beef marrow.



The second was bone filled with eggplant “marrow”. This one was really good. I don’t usually like marrow, but I definitely like Eggplant “Marrow”!



The penultimate dinner dish was a little ham & cheese sandwich. Ham, cheese and mustard baked into a bun, served with mole dipping sauce. Cobi absolutely loved this one, but I was starting to get really full and didn’t finish mine.



Last was king crab leg with pickled lettuce, potato puffs and butter foam. It was so sweet, it was unbelievable. Great end to the meal!

After we finished the crab, we were presented with a a box that held tickets for dessert. We were then taken into another room that looked like a scene from Willy Wonka.



The ceiling was covered in hanging raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and candy canes.



As well as flowers, greenery and strawberries!



We were seated at the bar, and I couldn’t wait to see what dessert was going to be like.



First we were presented with Spherified Lychee on the top of a rose.



We were instructed to ‘kiss the rose’ to enjoy the lychee.



Next was a Blueberry Pie. The little spheres were freeze dried and the crust was made of ice cream, and the whole thing was filled with cream. It was so good.



This was so not my thing, but Cobi absolutely loved it. It was a wheel of cheese served with little cookies. The rind of the cheese was made of chocolate and hazelnut, and the inside was a brie cream. Too savoury for me, but it was still very cool.



This one was my favourite. Stroopwafel ice cream sandwich filled with a thick caramel sauce. It was unbelievable, I wanted another.



Next was a flower made of chocolate, coconut milk, with a hint of passionfruit and mint. So delicate, really lovely.



Last was a chocolate, ice cream and passionfruit cake. So good.



We watched the bartender make a crazy cocktail in a bag on a swing, and we needed to try it for ourselves. It was an interesting take on a Pina Colada, not dissimilar to the cocktail we had at StreetXO.



We paid our bill and were served with fruit-filled After Eights.

What an incredible meal! Such a fun experience, and the Squid Sashimi, Razor Clam & Barnacles, Green Curry Mussels and Ice Cream Stroopwafel were over the top delicious. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

It was still raining when we left, so we cabbed back to the hotel and went right to sleep. Not a bad day!!


San Sebastián -> Barcelona

November 16, 2018


We set our alarms for 9am, finished packing our bags, and stopped at Old Town one final time. Cobi branched out and went for a ham & cheese croissant, while I had a Nutella croissant. Both were so delicious, I was sad to be leaving our new favourite place.

We brought our bags to the car, and hit the road. Goodbye San Sebastián, you were delicious!



A few hours into the drive we pulled in to a rest stop for water, a ham & camembert baguette, and some snacks for the rest of the drive.



I’m loving the Haribo selection here!!



Ooh is this where they grow the pens??



We arrived at the hotel just before 5pm, and while the staff put our bags in the room, we had a glass of Cava on the beautiful patio. It was the nicest weather we were going to have while in Barcelona, so we had to enjoy it!



We got up to our room and it was incredible! Those chaises were going to perfect for watching Netflix…

We were staying at the ABaC hotel, which had 3 Michelin Star restaurant attached. We had a reservation there in on our last night in Barcelona and I was really excited!



We had the penthouse suite, with an absolutely beautiful rooftop patio.



There was a lovely seating area under an umbrella (which we didn’t expect to use, with all the rain in the forecast…).



And two chaises for lounging.



The best part? Our own private rooftop hot tub!!



The view from the hot tub was amazing – I couldn’t wait to enjoy a drink in the tub later.

After we settled in and unpacked a little, we headed out to wander the city.



We made our way to the Plaça de la Sagrada Familia, but it was pretty dark by the time we got there so it was hard to really see the scale of it!

I had been craving sushi, so we found a well rated place on our walk and stopped for dinner. It was hard to read a Japanese menu in Spanish, but after googling the words for ‘avocado’, ‘prawn’, and ‘tempura’, we figured it out. And it was delicious!



As we walked back to the hotel, we stopped for churros. We got one filled with Dulce de Leche, and one with Chocolate. Both were delicious, but the chocolate was my favourite!

We got back to the hotel and passed out in the huge, luxurious bed. I was excited for our first full day in Barcelona!