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Challah & Donuts

November 24, 2014

What a delicious weekend!!

It all started on Thursday night when Cobi got home from a week of travelling for work. Any time one of us goes away we always bring the other person an edible gift, and Cobi did not disappoint.

Tipped Cupcakes

The treats he brought me didn’t quite survive his travels, but a smushed cupcake is better than no cupcake!


Sweet Lady Jane Cupcakes

The Cupcakes were from Sweet Lady Jane, a very famous bakery in L.A. It’s where Portia & Ellen got their wedding cake! If it’s good enough for Nelle & Dory, it’s good enough for me.


Flower Cupcakes

Even partially smushed they were so beautiful.

I really need to practice my frosting skills…


Thin Mint Creamer

My next delicious treat came Friday morning at work.

Thin Mint Coffee Creamer!

Nothing like drinking liquid cookies at 9am. Mmm.


Coffee Additions

Weekend coffees are more fun.

Weekend coffees include Bailey’s and Alcoholic Whipped Cream!

I was planning on making a loaf of Challah on Saturday, and due to it’s finicky nature and my finicky oven I needed some liquid courage to give it a try.



It started off a bit rough. Due to, I can only assume, the change in altitude and humidity, my dough was much stickier than normal and did not rise like it usually does.


Raised Dough

Then BOOM! The 2nd rise just exploded.

So strange.


Braid Strips

Rolling out the dough it felt like it usually does, so I started braiding.


Braided Dough

Oh how I’ve missed making Challah.



After almost 3 hours the dough was fully raised, braided, and ready to go.


Egg Wash

I brushed on the egg wash and my ever so helpful assistant (Cobi) sprinkled on the salt.

Any time I’ve baked something in my new oven the bottom always burns and the top is undercooked. So I turned down the oven temperature and Cobi made a makeshift buffer between the baking pan and the rack to keep it from getting too hot.



Success!! The bread was perfectly cooked and the bottom had no sign of burnage.


Rice A Roni

Once the Challah was baked and cooled we packed it up and went over the Aaron & Lauren’s for dinner where we enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken breast, Challah and Rice A Roni!


Bob's Donuts

Sunday Cobi and I had a nice lazy morning of movies on the sofa, and later in the evening we met our friend Chris for dinner at Nick’s Crispy Tacos. Dinner was amazing, but we were craving something sweet so I suggested a quick trip to Bob’s!


Apple Fritter

Chris had never been to Bob’s before so I told him we HAD to get a fritter! Plus they were warm fresh out of the deep fryer which made them even more incredible.



We also decided to go for a Butterhorn, which I had never tried before. Both were really good, but of course my favourite was the Fritter.


Making Donuts

While we were sitting at the counter enjoying our dessert we watched as they made Cake Donuts!


Flipping Donuts

First the machine spits out donuts into the fryer, then they use two sticks to flip the donuts. Then once the donuts have fried they let them cool briefly before dipping in Chocolate/Maple/Glaze! It was the most beautiful sight.



Sugar Cookie Tea

Once we got home I was sleepy and full, but decided to wind down the weekend with a cup of Sugar Cookie Tea!

Such a delicious weekend. Can’t wait to see what kind of crazy things we eat for Thanksgiving 😉

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