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Shopping, Chinatown and Miette

November 23, 2013

Day 2 in San Fran started with more rain. And lots of it.

Andy, Tully and I hopped on the bus that took us to Market street. Andy needed to buy a few last minute things for the wedding.



We walked into Bloomingdales i.e. Christmasland.


Treats Tree

This was my favourite tree, for obvious reasons.


Popsicle Ornament

I loved the Popsicle Ornament!



The Sundaes, Cupcakes, Christmas Puddings and Macaron Trees were adorable too.


Andy's Shoes

The main reason we went shopping was to find shoes for Andy. Her dream shoes were Mustard-coloured T-strap shoes, but when we came upon these ones she knew she’d found them! They were so cute and went perfectly with her non-traditional wedding outfit.


Giant Tree

After we found everything we’d come for we got a message from Cobi telling us he was done with his meetings for the day. We told him to meet us at the giant Christmas Tree outside of Macy’s because it was pretty hard to miss…



We decided to walk to Chinatown because Andy was craving Fried Rice.

And what the bride wants, the bride gets!

Cobi checked Yelp for the best restaurants in Chinatown, the top rated result was the Golden Gate Bakery, and the second result was The Hunan Home. We decided to go to Hunan Home for lunch and stop by the Golden Gate Bakery after for dessert!


Golden Gate Bakery

Hunan Home was amazing, but as we walked up to the Golden Gate Bakery we came across a sad sight.



How can you be on vacation when I’m on vacation?? SO upsetting.

We all had our sights set on a tasty treat, so we needed to come up with a Plan B.

My mom has a beautiful cake book at home based on recipes from Miette, and when I realized the shop was based in San Francisco I knew I had to check it out.


Blue Skies

Since the rain had disappeared and the sky looked like this we decided the 45 minute walk to Miette would totally be worth it.


Shipping Containter Store

During the walk we came across a funny looking store that was super narrow. It was only as we walked past that we realized it was three shipping containers stacked on top of one another! Very cool.



And then, Ta Da!! Such a magical sight.



It was just as pretty as the book.


Candy Wall

As you walk in, the first thing you see is a wall of candy.

Excellent start.



There were tables of Chocolate.


Cookie Table

Cookies and Bark.


Chocolate Table

Chocolate Bars.


Chocolate Bars

Very fancy Chocolate Bars.


Chocolate Critters

Italian Chocolate Critters.


Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars with pretty wrappers.


Cake Stands

Cake stands, books and candy.


Candy Wall

I want to live here.



Because it was my first time in the store (and I seemed pretty excited) I got a free Pistachio Macaron! It was heavenly.



I decided to get a Chocolate Cupcake with Italian Meringue frosting, and a Gingerbread Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Andy also got the Chocolate Meringue Cupcake and Tully got the Chocolate Cupcake with Coffee Buttercream.


Miette Cakes

I also couldn’t resist trying a mini Scharffen Berger Chocolate Cake…


Dentist Fund



Miette Bill

$43 WELL spent!!


Meringue and Coffee Cupcakes

As soon as we got home Andy and Tully opened up their cupcakes and couldn’t resist devouring them then and there, even though we were about to head to dinner!


Meringue and Gingerbread Cupcakes

My Meringue Cupcake didn’t survive the trip as well as Andy’s… Oops!

No matter, it was still delicious. Some of the best Meringue Frosting I’ve ever had!


Gingerbread Cupcake

Luckily the Gingerbread Cupcake was still intact. The man working behind the counter recommended it, and it was SO good.


Scharffen Berger Chocolate Cake

The best was definitely the Sharffen Berger Cake, though!

So chocolately, so rich, so delicious.


Sea Salt Caramel

I also got a Sea Salt Caramel, but I have yet to try it.


Asian Treats

While the girls (and Cobi) spent the day eating and shopping, Jesse and his parents lazed about the house and did some grocery shopping. Along with some fruits they came home with some awesome treats from the market they stopped at! The Every Burgers were my favourite.

After we were sufficiently stuffed with treats, it was time for dinner. We went to a Burmese place called Mandalay with Mary, Cobi’s cousin we stayed with last time we were in SF. It was really good, and I was disgustingly full by the end of the day.

After dinner we walked back to the house and Tully, Andy and I went upstairs to practice Andy’s hair for the wedding. She wanted to go for a 50’s look, so we curled her hair then brushed it out to create soft waves. Perfect!

By that time, after all the walking and food from the day, we were pretty exhausted. The next day Andy’s mom was flying in from Australia, so we needed our beauty rest to prepare for more fun!

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