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StreetXO – Day 2 in Madrid

November 6, 2018

After having gone to bed super early, we woke up at 3am and were worried we wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep. When I looked at my phone again, it was after 12pm! I knew we were tired, but I didn’t realize we were 17 hours of sleep tired…



Once we were up, we got going fairly quickly to take advantage of the rest of the day. We stopped at La Infinito for a quick breakfast of avocado toast and Bombon for Cobi, and a croissant with jam and Bailey’s coffee for me.


Park de El Retiro

We walked to the Park de El Retiro, wandering through the gardens and along the water. It started to drizzle, but walking under the trees kept us dry!



We had passed by a market the day before, the Mercado San Miguel, and decided to go back to grab a bite to eat to tide us over until dinner. There were so many incredible options, we didn’t know where to start!



We grabbed two beers, an Estrella and a Damm Lemon (my new favourite), and some little salamis while we made the rounds and decided what else to try.



I grabbed a prawn & egg Pintxos, and Cobi grabbed smoked salmon. Both were so good.



Next we picked up Burrata with ham & figs – the burrata was insanely delicious.



By now our beers were empty, so we picked up some Sangria (on tap), and an Aperol Spritz. It’s important to stay hydrated…



Final course was croquettes. One was ham, the other mushroom. Both fantastic.

We’d eaten more than we were planning, and we needed to work it off before dinner! We tried to tour the Palacio Real de Madrid, but it was too close to closing and were weren’t able to get in. We made a note to come earlier the next day, and instead toured the neighbouring chapel.



We still had a few hours before the restaurant we wanted to go to for dinner opened, so we started walking in the direction of dinner, but spent some time exploring side streets and checking out the cool shops. We stopped for a caffeine fix at MÜR Café, and rested our aching feet. It was getting close to when the restaurant opened, so we made our way over.



Cobi was hoping to get a reservation at DiverXO, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, but we weren’t able to. Instead, we decided to check out another of the Chef’s restaurants called StreetXO. This place was only open from 8:30pm-10pm and didn’t take reservations so we were expecting a line, and ended up waiting 1.5 hours to get in! Well worth it.



While waiting in line they asked us about our drink preferences, if we’d like wine or a cocktail, if we like sweet or sour drinks. Once we gave some direction, they asked if we’d prefer to choose or be surprised. We went with surprise. Cobi was served a drink the size of his head, while I got a white chocolate and pineapple drink served in a plastic bag.



Both were amazing.



While we were perusing the menu, we were served fried bread covered in powdered butter. It was insanely good. The set up of the restaurant was very cool. The kitchen is in the centre of the room with bar seating surrounding it, so you have a constant view of the chefs working away!



The first dish we ordered was Pork & Veggie Dumplings with crispy pig’s ear. This was my favourite dish of the evening. I used the bread to soak up the remaining spicy sweet sauce.



Next was Iberian Pork Belly served with a lettuce wrap, and topped with a mussel. So tasty.



Next up, Chicken Tikka Masala served with cheese-filled Naan. All naan should be stuffed with cheese, in my opinion.



Final dish of the evening was Suckling Pig Crispy Tacos. These were a close second to the dumplings – so, so good!



As there was no dessert menu, we went with a liquid dessert. This cocktail was Strawberry Chili, topped with Chocolate Pop Rocks! Weird and delicious.

By the end, we were stuffed. It was such an incredible meal, we highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in Madrid.

We walked the 15 minutes back to the apartment, and fell into a food coma while watching Netflix in bed. Party animals!

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