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Our Wedding

November 28, 2018

On October 13th, 2018, Cobi and I got married at the Globe & Mail Centre in Toronto.

If you ask our family, it was a long time coming and they were so happy the day had finally arrived.

For us, we’ve had such an incredible ten years together, and this day was icing on the cake.


We were staying at the King Edward Hotel, which is where we each got ready the day of the wedding.



I’d been preparing the little details for so long, it was exciting to finally see it all come together.

I wore a pair of earrings that belong to my mom, and a beautiful necklace that was a gift from Cobi’s mom.



I also had a beaded headband that I was going to wear in my hair for a little added sparkle, as I wasn’t planning on wearing a veil.



My favourite accessory, other than my engagement ring of course, were my shoes!

They were the first thing I bought when we got engaged, and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I’d always wanted a beautiful pair of Manolos, but I could never justify the cost. They are the epitome of wedding shoes to me, so I decided to splurge. I went with flats because I knew I would wear them again – I’m not much of a heels girl, and I wanted to be completely comfortable the day of the wedding!



For my dress, I knew I wanted to go with two pieces. I loved the idea of a pretty tulle skirt and a simple top, and I couldn’t believe how much trouble I had finding what I was looking for. This was the only option I had found during my hunt, and luckily it was perfect. I loved that I could have the skirt shortened after the wedding to wear as a great party skirt, and could easily wear the top with beautiful dress pants, or high waisted jeans and a blazer.



Cobi’s shoes and accessories were just as cool. I had no idea what he was wearing the day of (because he thought it was unfair that only my outfit was going to be a surprise), but he had shared some of his accessories with me. I knew about the pink floral pocket square and the black & pink bowtie, so we could coordinate appropriately with groomsmen and the rest of the wedding party.



I also knew about his frenchie cufflinks. Our silly French Bulldog, Jobin, wasn’t able to be with us on our special day, but she was there in spirit!



The most important part of day-of prep is good champagne. And of course my mother brought her own champagne glasses, to ensure we enjoyed it in style!



My mom also got me the cutest Kate Spade robe that I absolutely loved.



My two bridesmaids, Sophie & Alyssa, wore robes from Nordstrom as we were getting ready. I loved the colours and the lace detail, plus they were so soft!



I had a hard time deciding what to put the girls in. Ideally they would be able to wear the outfits again, which is why I was leaning toward two pieces. Plus, it was a similar style to my dress, which I liked! We ended up finding really pretty floral skits from Aritzia, which we paired with simple sleeveless blouses with mesh detail. They also wore sashes around their waist, similar to the one I’d be wearing. In the end, I really loved their outfits!



While I wasn’t planning on wearing a veil, I did have one. Mostly because other people said I needed to have one… I never pictured myself in a veil, so I knew it was going to be a last minute decision, if I wore it or not.



Hair was done, makeup was done, it was time to put on the dress!!



I was a bit nervous because the top had been a little big at my last fitting. The tailor took it in, but there was still a little bit of space.



If I stood up nice and straight, you could hardly tell!



I loved the simplicity of my dress, with delicate straps and a few buttons, finished with a big bow in the back.



Speaking of bows, the guys were having a hard time tying their bowties.

Usually I was the one who tied bowties, but they had to figure this one out on their own!



There were a few tried (and failed) attempts.



Eventually, the photographer needed to step in and lend a hand, while Cobi captured this excellent shot!



They managed to figure it out, and made their way to the venue.



He and his groomsmen seemed to have fun with their photos.



We decided to do our pictures before the ceremony, so we would be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests.

The venue had a beautiful balcony overlooking the city, which was perfect for photos!



I think I was more surprised to see Cobi’s outfit than he was to see mine! He knew I was wearing a white dress, but I had no idea what he was wearing.


I loved his outfit. Blue velvet jacket with a floral pattern paired with black tuxedo pants and the coolest loafers ever, which were custom made from the same fabric of his jacket! And of course, pink details, because it’s Cobi. He totally nailed it.


Before we took more photos, I kindly offered to re-tie the bowties…



It was a little cold on the rooftop, as it was only 13 degrees! Luckily there was a fireplace that kept us toasty warm.



Our shoe game was strong.



We had a hard time being serious while taking our photos…



A lot of them came out pretty silly!



In the end, the photographers did manage to capture a few really lovely photos!

I loved how I looked without the veil, so I decided not to wear it in the end. The dress was so pretty, I wanted that to be the focus!



Hard to take a bad photo with that background…



When guests started to arrive, the bridal party went into a room to chill for a bit before the ceremony. We had a signature drink at the wedding, the “Cobi Libre”, which was Mount Gay rum and Mexican Coke and a lime. We all enjoyed one while waiting for the ceremony to start.



We asked my younger brother Sam to play the ceremony music, and he played How Long Will I Love You, from the About Time soundtrack. It’s such a lovely song, and as soon as I heard him start to play the tears started flowing!



Cobi was cool as a cucumber, as always. He loved the attention as he walked down the aisle!



I do less well in the limelight, and was also just trying to keep my shit together.

I’m an emotional person at the best of times, so I was a wreck.



The whole ceremony was phenomenal. Cobi’s cousin Jonathan officiated, and my cousin Lexi did a really cute and silly reading. It was all so perfect.



Jonathan knocked it out of the park. The ceremony was so, so funny, while still being very heartfelt and personal. We were laughing the entire time. I am so glad we got a video of it (thanks Jay!!), it’s fun to re-watch.

Okay, time to party!!



The tables looked stunning, I was so happy with how everything turned out.

The flowers were courtesy of From The Potting Shed. Elaine is an old friend of my mom’s and it was really lovely having her do our wedding flowers.



The simple greenery down the table with the small bud vases was exactly what I had envisioned. And the stainless steel trays were perfect for the BBQ dinner we were serving!



My friend Christina did the calligraphy for all the name cards, and she did a beautiful job. Cobi and I made two kinds of BBQ sauce as favours – one was a Kansas City style sauce, and the other was a South Carolina style sauce. I loved how they looked, and people seemed to enjoy them.


I was so excited when the appetizers started coming out!

Adamson BBQ catered the wedding, Cobi’s favourite BBQ place in the city.  The appetizers were Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Mac & Cheese Balls, and Short Rib Tacos. Each was better than the last.



As the sun started to set, Cobi and I went back out to the balcony to take some more photos.



We chose the venue for the views, and we were not disappointed! Made for some really incredible photographs.



Dinner time!!


Brisket, pork ribs, turkey & sausages.

Coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and pickles.

I couldn’t wait.


We were nervous about doing a buffet, getting people through the line quickly and easily, but Adamson’s did an incredible job.


Everything was so good. I unfortunately didn’t have much of an appetite, which was devastating. At least everyone else seemed to enjoy it! Nothing better than seeing people go back for seconds (and thirds!).



We asked the DJ to focus on 80’s music for the evening, and we kicked it off with our first dance to Lionel Richie’s You Are.



Neither of us are dancers, but we swayed about nicely.


Then the party really got started!



I was very nervous to be lifted…

The chairs were really slippery, so I had to hold on pretty tight in order to not fall off.



My mother, of course, loved it.


Opa (my Dad’s dad) was a dancing machine.

At this point I’d had to take my contacts out. I’m not a good contacts-wearer due to extremely dry eyes, so I had to return to my glasses.



It was incredible having my grandparents there celebrating with us, and I really wish Grammar (my Mom’s mom) had been there, too.



Arguably the most important part of the evening – dessert.

We chose The Rolling Pin to do our desserts, as I’d been obsessed with their treats on Instagram for the longest time and knew they would be the perfect people to supply an over-the-top dessert table!


There were cookies, pop tarts, bars, cream puffs, mini pies, donuts, butter tarts and macarons. I tried a few bites of everything, it was all amazing.

We also went to Bulk Bark and had a few jars of candy on the table too, for good measure.



Later in the evening, we had some late night McDonalds delivered.

Nothing like rounding out a meal with cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and fries!



Overall, it was a perfect day.

Thank you to Felix & Alex, the wonderful photographers at Ikonica, for capturing all these incredible pictures.

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