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Mom Comes to Visit – Pt 2

November 19, 2014

Day 2 of my Mom’s trip to SF started out just as delicious as Day 1.

Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

We woke up early and made our way to Brenda’s for breakfast. Once again the line wasn’t too long, just long enough to grab a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee from Philz before getting our table!



Cobi and I have been training for months so we’re able to eat obscene amounts of food day after day.

My Mom, not so much.



So while Cobi enjoyed his Biscuits & Scramble and I devoured my usual Granola Pancakes, Mom enjoyed a light breakfast of Bacon & Eggs.



After Breakfast we took a cab into the Castro to wander around. After seeing a naked man in a cowboy had we decided to relocate to Hayes Valley and visit another Miette location!


Candy Wall

This is the location pictured in the book my Mom has, so I had to take her. The store is just so pretty!


Candy Flowers

Bouquets made of candy? I’m 100% having this at my wedding.


Ice Cream

I never knew Miette made Ice Cream Sandwiches!


Ice Cream Sandwiches

We were tempted to get some, but got distracted by the baked goods.


Miette Cakes

Miette truly understands the perfect ratio of frosting to cake!


Miette Cupcakes

We were still full from breakfast but couldn’t resist a cupcake.


Old Fashioned

We got an Old Fashioned Meringue cupcake and devoured it before we’d even left the store.



After walking through the cute shops in Hayes Valley we took a cab to the Lyon Street Steps in Pacific Heights. We weren’t up to hiking the steps, but we did wander around the neighbourhood, looking at the crazy big houses!


Mrs Doubtfire House

Eventually we found ourselves at the Mrs. Doubtfire house.



There were rocks surrounding the trees in front of the house that people had written notes on.

Very lovely, very sad.


Tilted Mom

Can you tell she was not impressed with the hills?


Tilted Cosi

The hills may be brutal to walk up, but they sure make for fun photos!



And the view from the top of any hill is generally pretty awesome.



There are a concerning number of these warnings around the city…

After a solid day of walking we went back to Mom’s hotel for a glass of wine and a moment of rest before walking to dinner.

We decided to go to Cafe Zoetrope, a restaurant named after Francis Coppola’s production company and serving wine carried excusively at their winery. It was a really good Italian meal and I enjoyed my Spaghetti & Meatballs very much! We were all pretty tired after a full day of walking, so we went to bed early to prepare for my Mom’s final day in SF!

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