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Home to Toronto

November 27, 2018

Our flight home was at 12:30pm, so we were able to have a bit of a slow morning packing our bags, making it to the airport.


Goodbye Madrid! You were lovely.



While in the airport, we were sure to buy a few more snacks for the flight.

I don’t even want to know how much I spent on candy this trip…



I love how colourful the airport was!



Cobi is an angel and upgraded us again on our flight back. The only positive part of his constant work travel is all the points he’s amassed.



While not Michelin-rated, the lunch was pretty good. At least I didn’t need to suck the prawn head…



Cobi had to get his final food snaps in.



Rice, chicken, mushrooms, leeks and asparagus.

Gotta love business class!



Before we landed, they asked if I wanted some liqueur or coffee with my fruit. They were kind enough to put the Bailey’s in my coffee, which is one of my very favourite things. If they had been able to add sweetened condensed milk, I’d have been in heaven.



I’ve seen this movie a million times, but couldn’t help watching it again…



They also served us a light dinner of salami, cheese, chicken and veggies, with orange slices and chocolate. If they had served every part separately, it would have been a tasting menu!



In what felt like no time, we left the sunny skies and descended into the clouds.



Hey Toronto, you cold, grey, wonderful place. I guess we were at least a little happy to get home…



Mostly because it meant seeing this little potato again! We missed her wrinkly little face.

We also had the wedding photos to look forward to. And of course, Christmas is coming…

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