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Seville -> Madrid

November 26, 2018

We set our alarms for 8am, finished packing, and went for breakfast.


Of course, we went back to Milk Away. I got the same thing as yesterday, the blueberry smoothie bowl. This time, they also added mandarins and mangos. It was so good.

After we ate, we grabbed our bags and walked back to the parking garage. €70 to park for three nights… ouch.

Luckily, the tolls back to Madrid were low, under €5 total.



We were on the road by 10am, getting into Madrid for 3pm.

We found parking near the apartment, then dropped our bags off inside before heading out again.



In the two weeks we were away, Christmas had come to Madrid! I loved it. Cobi thought I was crazy. What else is new.



We went back to Mercado San Miguel, and had a few little snacks. And of course some Estrella Damm Lemon!



In the market was a Rocambolesc Gelateria. It’s owned by the pastry chef of El Cellar de Can Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world. Of course we needed to try something…



We decided to get the Panet, which was a brioche bun filled with ice cream and toasted.



We went with chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces and honeycomb, topped with caramel sauce.



Amazing. I was so excited…



Into the little panet maker it goes!



Hot on the outside, cold on the inside. It was so delicious.

We were pretty full at this point and were planning on going back to StreetXO again, so we needed to walk around a ton to build up our appetite.

StreetXO opens at 8:30pm, and last time we arrived at 8:45pm to a huge line. We decided to get there for 7:45pm, but there was already a huge line! The wait was about an hour and a half, similar to last time.



When we neared the front of the line, we were served cocktails. I went for the same thing I had last time, some sort of giant flowery drink with a gingery kick. So good.



Cobi was served a slushy rum drink.



While we waited for our food, we ordered another drink. We went with a white chocolate pineapple drink, which we had tried last time too. It was so good.



We ordered a bunch of things we hadn’t tried last time. We started with quail egg, ricotta and pork baos which were amazing.



Next up was scallops with kimchi. I don’t usually like scallops, but all the scallops we’ve had on this trip have been incredible.



Next was Singapore Laksa, with whole prawns.

After learning how to suck the meat out of the head at ABaC, I was an old pro.



Next up was fried noodles with pork and smoked bacon. Cobi really enjoyed this one!



Because there was no dessert menu, we got crispy pork dumplings for dessert! We had these last time too, and they were our favourite dish.



We also had a liquid dessert – Pineapple & Rum Slush for Cobi.



And a Chocolate Orange cocktail for me.



Fuller, fatter, and sleepier than the last time we were here…

What an absolutely fabulous (and delicious) Honeymoon! We were both so sad to be heading home.

Spain – we will definitely be back for another visit soon.

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