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The Sun Came Out!

November 25, 2018

We didn’t set an alarm, waking up just before 10am. The weather was so much nicer, we didn’t need hats or coats!!


We went back to Milk Away, because I loved it. Cobi had the apple pie porridge, and I had a blueberry smoothie bowl. Mine had bananas, grapes, goji berries, almonds and granola. Unfortunately Cobi’s was a little bland, but mine was amazing!



This is what I get when I ask Cobi to “take a nice photo of me”. He likes to take photos before I’m ready, or when I think he’s done.

What a gem.



Look at that blue sky! It was the nicest day we had on the whole trip.

Go figure it was our last day of exploring… The next day we were driving back to Madrid, flying back home the following day.



We walked to the Plaza de Toros, but our timing was off to do a tour.

I don’t like the idea of bullfighting anyway, so I didn’t care too much to miss it.



Instead, we walked to the Plaza de Espana.



I couldn’t get over how nice it was out!



We walked through the park, and around the plaza. It was really beautiful.



Then we walked across the bridge into Triana, wandering down some side streets when we happened upon a crazy busy street decorated to celebrate La Esperanza.



The Virgin of Hope of Macarena is moved from one location to another, in a big ceremony celebrating its 600th anniversary, dating back to 1418.



The exact route of the shrine is never shared so we didn’t end up staying to watch, but we did find videos that people posted later – it looked amazing!



We stopped for Radlers and Ciders – I am so obsessed with the radlers here. And the Estrella Damm Lemon!



We also got some Paella, but it was only okay.

Almost three weeks in Spain and we didn’t eat any good paella! Oops…



We kept walking, and came across another little square. We sat in the sun and enjoyed a gin& tonic and a radler.



On our way back to the Airbnb, Cobi found a meat and cheese vending machine… He thought it was the coolest thing ever, I thought it was kinda weird.



Right around the corner from our place we found a little cookie shop called Dulce Regina.



The cookies looked amazing. I was so bummed we found this place on our last day in Seville!

We got three flavours, a classic chocolate chip, a salted chocolate chip, and a walnut chocolate chip.



The classic was really good – perfectly soft and crispy.



The salted one was the best!



Walnut was fine, but needed more chocolate chips.

The temperature had cooled a little at this point, so we went back to our place to change before heading back out to wander the parts of town we hadn’t explored yet.

All the streets were so narrow, it was really cool.



As we were walking, something smelled delicious. We found a Turron shop, where we bought some candied cashews (right), marcona almond brittle (left), and these weird cookie things filled with peanut butter (middle). The cashews were so, so good.



After a few hours of exploring, I was getting hungry. We stopped at El Pinton for dinner. The restaurant was really busy, but there was room at a table outside. There were heat lamps, so it was perfect! Cobi ordered vermouth, and I got red sangria. It had bananas in it, which was weird and delicious.



We shared a few things, starting with Patatas Bravas. These were the best we’d had on the trip!



Next we had tuna tataki, which was also so good. I’m not sure what the sauce was, but it was amazing.



Last we shared glazed pork ribs. Cobi’s pork ribs are better, but these were still really good. Especially the roasted garlic potatoes they were served on top of. The meal more than made up for Cobi’s bland breakfast and our mediocre lunch!



On our way home, we stopped at an ice cream shop with bubble waffles.



We went for Brownie ice cream in a vanilla bubble waffle, topped with caramel sauce and full Twix bars! It was so good.

Afterwards, we walked back home, packed our bags and fell asleep.

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