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Barcelona -> Seville

November 22, 2018

We set our alarms for 7am, as we had a 9.5 hour (1,000 km) drive ahead of us.


We had breakfast delivered to our room for 8am, and it was so over the top. Fruit, pastries, multiple types of yogurt, an egg dish, a sandwich, OJ & coffee.



I was still so full from the night before, so I tried my best to eat some fruit. One of the yogurts came in a little jar with fruit at the bottom, and it was the most delicious yogurt I have ever had in my entire life.



Around 500km in, we stopped for gas and some snacks. We didn’t grab a real lunch, as we packed some of the leftovers from breakfast to bring with us.

We couldn’t believe the tolls on the drive – some were just a couple euros, but some were almost €40!! To be fair, the roads were in excellent condition. We could have avoided tolls, but it would have added over an hour to the already long drive.



We arrived in Seville just after 6pm, dropped our bags off at the Airbnb, then took a crazy roundabout route to the parking garage. The roads were so narrow, it was crazy. The lot was full, but we waited until someone left to get a spot. The drive there took us 15 minutes, but only 5 minutes to walk back!



We wandered around the streets for a bit, looking at the Metropol Parasol and the Seville Cathedral. Seville is such a beautiful city, I couldn’t wait to explore it.



We passed a bar called Garlochi, which Cobi’s cousin suggested we check out. It didn’t open until 9pm, so we decided to come back after dinner.



We also found a Taiyaki place that I wanted to go to!

But first – I needed dinner. Having not had any real lunch, I was getting hangry.



Cobi found a place called La Bodega de Alfalfa, a tapas bar. We got there right as it opened, so we got a table right away.



I had gotten to the point where I was so hungry I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat. I ended up going with an egg, potato and iberico ham dish that was so comforting and delicious. I could eat nothing but eggs and potatoes and I’d be so happy.



Cobi ordered a chickpea spinach dish that looked disgusting, but was so, so good.

While we were eating, I bought tickets to tour the Cathedral – we didn’t want another Barcelona mistake to happen! We paid a bit extra to do a rooftop tour. I was excited.



I was hoping to get ice cream at the Taiyaki place after dinner, but it was closed by the time we were done diner! I’d have to go back another day. Instead we made our way back to Garlochi, but it wasn’t open yet, even though it was after 9pm. We walked around the town a bit more to kill time, but it was still not open an hour later!



I was pretty tired at this point, so we decided to give up and try again the next night.

We went back to our Airbnb and passed out almost immediately. The long day of driving really knocked us out!

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