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ABaC Restaurant

November 21, 2018

The weather was so much better today, so we woke up early to get in as much exploring as we could.


We took a cab back to the Plaça de la Sagrada Familia, as we were hoping to tour it today.



Unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out! So we took some photos of the outside, and decided to go get breakfast instead.

We had not done the best job of planning in Barcelona… oh well. Gives us an excuse to come back another time!



We found a cute little cafe called Cachitos, that had the best selection of specialty coffees and pastries. I ordered a coffee with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and it was amazing.



We shared toast with bacon and eggs, and a delicious honey pastry that I can’t describe, but melted in your mouth. It was incredible.



We toured the Gothic Quarter again, this time with dry feet. We did a self-guided tour, and learned a lot about how the old churches were re-done with the Gothic style to increase tourism!



We found our way to the Jewish Quarter, and toured the “largest” synagogue in Barcelona at the time.



It was so small. The rule at the time was that any Synagogue must be smaller than the smallest church. Which means they were teeny tiny.



The museum guide told us a little about the history of Jews in Barcelona, and then we looked around at the artefacts that had been donated to the museum.



We went back to the Mercat de la Boqueria for a small bite to eat. We didn’t want to eat too much, as we had another 3 Michelin star meal later that evening.

The market was so busy and full of amazing food, we had a hard time deciding what to get!



We found a bakery that had delicious looking baklava, and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to find the stall again so we bought a piece.



It was so enormous, and so delicious. I love starting a meal with dessert.



Next we found a stall with focaccia, prosciutto, tomato, oil and spice. It was also enormous and delicious.



There were so many stalls with fresh juice, I was excited to try one. There were so many flavours, it was hard to choose! I ended up going with a mango coconut juice.



Last, we picked up a little honey churro to share. Perfect meal!



After our lunch, we walked around the city a bit more before stopping at Nappuccino, an adorable nap cafe.


There were little pods and beds where you could chill and relax with your coffee.



We didn’t nap, but we did get coffee! Cobi had tea, and I had a ginseng coffee. It gave us the fuel we needed to walk back to the hotel.

We had a bit of time before dinner, so we napped and took a dip in the hot tub. Perfection.



Dinner was at the ABaC restaurant, which was part of our hotel. It was our final Michelin meal, and I was excited!



The meal started in the kitchen, where they showed us each station and we were served a lime mint sorbet on a green leaf meringue, topped with a begonia. It was as delicious as it was cool to look at!



The next appetizer was a caramelized bread macaron with spicy tomato sauce and basil. The crispy cracker was so amazing and sweet.



The final appetizer was tuna tartare with egg yolks in a crispy nori wrap. Such a great start to the meal.



We were then seated at our table, where they put some sort of seaweed in a hot pepper liquid and left it.



Eventually, the seaweed absorbed the liquid and expanded.



They took out the seaweed and served it with the first dish, which was their take on the Gilda pintxos. Freeze dried green olive with an anchovy butter and the peppered seaweed. I’m glad we had learned the history of the Gilda before coming here!



I liked the plating of this more than the dish itself. The oyster was good, but it was too mineral-y for me. Loved the plates, though…



This was one of my absolute favourites. Squid Tartare with some sort of sweet puffed rice. It was unbelievably good.



Next, they placed a little pot of water over a flame on the table, along with prawn heads.



They didn’t do anything with the prawn heads, and served us a sort of onion risotto. It tasted like the most delicious french onion soup. It was accompanied by a cheesy, truffley cream puff. So rich, so unreal. Another highlight of the trip!



While we were eating the last dish, the pot of water had started to boil and they put in the prawn heads. Then they served the heads with prawn rice and a garlic aioli. I have never sucked the meat out of a prawn head before. It was weird…



Next up was red mullet with watercress and some sort of amazing sauce.



Earlier in the evening, the server put a candle on our table. Turns out, the ‘wax’ was actually pig fat! They told us to dip the bread in the ‘wax’. Coolest dinner ever. I love how they prepared things at the table, in really inventive and surprising ways!



The pig fat was served with pig head parts that I don’t want to think about, and a soup with pork meat balls.



Then we were served roasted pig cheek with what looked like an egg yolk but was actually pumpkin!



Next up was pigeon two ways. First was a “drumstick” of a croquette.



Then was pigeon with carrots and a carrot purée.



Last was the most inventive cheese course I have ever seen. They were spherified cheese liquid, similar to the sperified olives and lychee from Tickets.

We’d eaten a surprising amount of mullet, pigeon, raw squid, and spherified foods on this trip…



Dinner had been so cool, I was excited for dessert! They brought the pot of boiling water back, which had vanilla and pieces of Jack Daniels barrels inside.



Before we could figure out what the pot was for, we were served a white chocolate, lemon and coconut cream with coconut ice cream sphere bits. So refreshing and delicious.



Once the liquid had boiled, they poured it over top of the ice cream to melt it.



Then, they added liquid nitrogen to make a new ice cream! Ridiculous.



They served the ice cream with a creme brûlée chocolate.



The final dessert was their take on carrot cake. It was a carrot ice cream with a spiced cream and cake. Very cool.



The Petite Fours course was just as over the top as the rest of the meal. There was a delicious boozy strawberry that I loved.



My favourite part was the beet sorbet lipsticks.



Beautiful and delicious!



I was pretty stuffed at this point, and couldn’t really eat anything else. I’m sure these chocolate things would have been lovely.



I did have a marshmallow, which was amazing. The other, I did not have, as it was some sort of white chocolate goat cheese thing which is not my jam.



Finally, was espresso chocolate and minty chocolate.

So good. So full.

Thank goodness our room was just upstairs. I rolled myself into the elevator, then rolled myself into bed. I was so tired. We went to bed almost immediately, as we had an early start the next morning to drive to our final destination – Seville!

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