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Madrid -> San Sebastián

November 9, 2018

Travel day today! We set out alarm for 9am, packed our bags, picked up the rental car and set off for San Sebastián.

We didn’t have breakfast before we left, and about an hour in I started to get pretty hangry. Cobi knew I needed to eat soon or it wasn’t going to end well, so he took the next exit and we stopped at a random hotel.


There ended up being a 5 star restaurant attached to the hotel, called Hotel Restaurante Las Casitas. I ordered an egg, potato & hash dish, and Cobi ordered something similar but with blood sausage. Both were so good, the perfect roadside stop!



After we’d finished our meal, we got back on the road.



It was a 4 hour drive – not too long, but we certainly required sustenance. Luckily we had picked up some perfect road trip snacks in Madrid! The selection of Haribo and Milka is what dreams are made of.



The drive was so cool. It went from flat dessert-like terrain to big rocky hills.



Made it!!



We found our AirBnB, dropped off our luggage, then parked our car in the nearby garage. All the one-way roads were so narrow and complicated, it took us longer to get to the garage than we’d care to admit…



The AirBnB was incredible. Big, clean, modern, with a lovely little patio. We were excited for our stay.



After getting settled in the apartment, we went out exploring.



We were feeling a little sluggish after sitting for 4 hours, so we stopped by Old Town Coffee for cortados and a chocolate chip cookie bar. The coffee was fantastic and the treat was delicious! The breakfast menu looked really good, so we planned on coming back the next day.



We walked around aimlessly for awhile, admiring the beautiful churches and buildings. I love all the pedestrian-only streets in Spain, it makes walking around so much nicer.



We made our way to the beach, where there was a surprising number of people swimming. It was way too cold for that!

We saw a statue at the top of the hill, and wondered what it was. Instead of looking it up, we decided to just walk to it and figure it out.



The view from the other side of the beach was pretty spectacular.



We found a path and made our way up the hill.



I spy a statue!



The statue was on top of Monte Urgull, a military fortress. The views were incredible, and you could walk all through the fortress.



We decided to walk down a different way than we came up, and stumbled upon a bar on the side of the hill. We stopped for a beer while taking in the views.

I had become enamoured with San Sebastián very quickly.



When we got back into town, we were both ready for some food and stopped at Gandarias for pintxos! We weren’t really sure what to get, so we got one of everything. The first plate had a ham thing, a crab thing, something with cheese and prawn. I had a glass of wine, and Cobi got a glass of Lustau Vermouth.



The second plate had a selection of blood sausage, sea urchin, and prawn. Maybe something else, we couldn’t be sure.



Last, something deep fried and sardines! Pintxos are supposed to be small bites, eating one or two before moving along. But they all looked so good, we tried nearly all of them.

We were exhausted from the drive and the exploring, so we made our way home after dinner, set our alarms for the next morning, and passed out.

I couldn’t wait to keep exploring San Sebastián!

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