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Castles, Cocktails & Tentacles in Madrid

November 8, 2018

We set an alarm for 9am again, but snoozed until 10am. Late night churros make us sleepy…


We went to Toma Café for breakfast, and each got Avocado Toast and cortados. The avo toast had cream cheese and blueberries – game changer. And all the coffee we’ve had here has been really, really good.



We got to the Palacio Real de Madrid nice and early, so we had lots of time to tour the armouries, the castle, and the basement kitchens.



My favourite part was looking at all the baking equipment. There were so many cake molds, in every size and shape. Plus baking trays and the most beautiful platters to serve the creations on.



My second favourite was the ice cream maker – so cool.



Cobi’s favourite was the huge mortar & pestle. I think he wishes we had one that big at home. Shame it was too big to fit in our luggage.



Dream wine cellar… Very interesting that all the food and wine was French-inspired.



After learning all we could about Spanish royalty and their eating habits, we focused on our own eating habits. We were peckish but didn’t want a full meal, so we stopped at a place called Amargo for a drink and a snack.



The kitchen was closed, so we settled on two fruity rum cocktails.



Cobi was excited for his…



The best part about this place was the snack tray they served with our drinks. A delicious mix of salty snacks and gummy candy – it was the best thing ever, and the perfect little pick me up.

After we finished our drinks, we continued to walk around until our feet were too sore to continue. We made our way back to the apartment and had a quick nap before dinner. I was getting really good at this afternoon-siesta-before-a-late-dinner thing.



We decided on Restaurante La Maruca for dinner, a recommendation from a friend. Cobi ordered a Gin & Tonic, and I got a glass of Cava. Gin is having a moment in Spain right now, and G&T’s are always created table-side. Cobi was in heaven the whole trip.



We ordered a few things to share, starting with avocado and smoked salmon tartare. There was more cream cheese and avocado than salmon, but I loved it.



Next we ordered the Patatas Bravas. A little sweet, a little spicy, nice and crispy. Heaven.



Last, we had grilled octopus with chorizo. I’m not usually one for tentacles, but I decided to be open minded on this trip and eat whatever was put in front of me, suckers and all. This dish was so, so good. All the seafood we had on this trip was over the top delicious.



For dessert, we opted for the Lemon Pie because it had rave reviews from any site we looked at. Plus the people at the table next to us ordered it, and inhaled it so fast we knew it had to be good. We weren’t disappointed. I really only ever order chocolate things for dessert, but this may have me re-think that moving forward. Maybe…

After dinner we walked the long way back home to digest, then fell asleep pretty quickly. The next day we were leaving Madrid and driving to San Sebastián, so we wanted to get an early start!

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