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Pride Weekend in SF

July 20, 2016

Sunday morning we woke up nice and early to beat the brunch lines.

Lyon Street Steps

To preemptively burn off the bad mistakes we were about the make, we took the hilliest route to Brunch and climbed Vertical Death, otherwise known as the Lyon Street Steps.

The view from the top is amazing, but at what cost?!


Sweet Maple

By the time we made it to Sweet Maple, the line had already formed. It was pretty quick and we were seated within 30 minutes – lightning speed!



Like any good brunch, ours started with Mimosas.



Instead of branching out and trying new things, we went with old favourites.


Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos,


Deep Fried French Toast

Deep Fried French Toast,


Millionaires Bacon

And of course, Millionaire’s Bacon.

Bacon baked with brown sugar, cayenne, red and black pepper. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s delicious.


Philz Coffee

After breakfast we made our way downtown to check out the Pride Parade, and on the way we stopped at Philz to get a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.

Between these and the Black Ties from Peet’s, I planned on being verrrry caffeinated on this trip!



It was the perfect day for the parade. We didn’t go last year as we’d just gotten Jobin, so we were excited to get to go this year!



Apple was definitely one of the largest and most colourful groups in the parade.


Storm Trooper

Wow, a Storm Trooper!


Chipotle Swag

We got lots of swag, but Chipotle definitely had the best!



We had some time before our dinner plans, so we took the long route back to the hotel through Hayes Valley and stopped at Miette!


Miette Cupcake

The Old Fashioned Cupcake is the best thing ever. The full-sized cake version is also my favourite cake!

We walked back to the hotel to have a quick nap then made our way to dinner.


Memphis Minnies

We decided on Memphis Minnie’s, with friends from Toronto who now live in San Francisco.

Cobi and I had eaten Memphis Minnie’s BBQ many times, but we had never actually been to the location (two thumbs up for delivery).



We got a smorgasbord of meat by the pound – Rib Tips, Brisket, Smoked Pork, and Fried Chicken.



We also got some sides – Coleslaw, Baked Beans, and Mac & Cheese!

One of the BBQ sauces they use is Mustard-based, and it’s the best stuff ever so we were sure to pick up a bottle to bring home with us.

The first weekend in SF was fun and delicious, we couldn’t wait for the rest of the week!

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  1. Lauren Rahlfs permalink
    July 25, 2016 11:07 am

    Hey lady! Just learned about your blog. Love it! If you are ever in need of reading material, check out my blog:

    Cheers! Lauren

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