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Did You Know They Speak Luxembourgish?

May 30, 2016


The train ride to Luxembourg was beautiful!

When we were planning our trip, neither Cobi or I had any real desire to visit Luxembourg, but after doing some research we came across MANY recommendations that convinced us to add it to our list.



I’m so glad we did. It ended up being one of my favourite places that we visited.



The trip started off with an adventure… The little B&B we were staying in, La Pipistrelle was super cute, just 4 floors with one room on every floor. There was no elevator and the staircase leading up to the second floor was pretty narrow, which was fun to climb with our big suitcases.


Spiral Staircase

Then it got more exciting.

The staircase leading to the 3rd and 4th floor was a super narrow spiralled staircase!

I managed to drag my suitcase up one flight of spirals, but I needed Cobi to help me with the final flight.


Spiral Staircase

The landing at the top of the staircase was tiny. Hardly room for two people, let alone two people and two bags!


Spiral Staircase

I figured when we had to check out a few days later I’d just throw my bag down the stairs and let gravity do the work…



Our little room was perfect, with a pretty view of the town.


Mini Bar

And the mini bar was top notch!



It was another beautiful, hot sunny day so we put on our sunscreen and went off exploring.



The whole town was so beautiful.



We walked around aimlessly for a bit then found a 5km scenic trail called the Wenzel Circular Walk that took us all around the city.

Along the path we encountered the huge wall surrounding the city, so we decided to check it out.



The fortified castle, called the Casemates, surrounded the city and had hollowed-out tunnels that you can explore and see how the city was protected in 963.



The sign by the entrance said ‘Do not take tour if you are claustrophobic or suffer from heart problems’.

This was going to be fun.



Some of the tunnels were nice and open and some were horribly narrow. We went through all 17km, even the parts where you had to turn sideways to slide through.

It was really, really cool and I highly recommend checking it out.



Seeing the wall from the outside gave us a good sense of just how incredible the interior path system was.



As much as we enjoyed the cold, dark tunnels, it was nice coming back out into the sun!



The sun was setting as we were finishing up our walk along the Wenzel train so we made our way into town to grab some dinner.



We found an outdoor patio that had room for us and we were serenaded by an orchestra while we enjoyed our dinner.


Dame Blanche

After a day of travelling and touring we needed to replenish our sugars. For dessert Cobi had a Dame Blanche (a fancy european way of saying Ice Cream Sundae)



And I of course had a brownie.

We were pretty pooped so we made our way back to the hotel, climbed the crazy stairs and passed out.



The next morning we enjoyed the Breakfast part of the B&B.

The hotel manager was lovely, making us whatever kind of eggs we wanted and gave us some recommendations on what to do that day. We told her we wanted to do a hike to see the castles just outside the city and she recommended we take the bus to Echternach and walk the Mullerthal Trail.



We started with a 6km trail that took us from Echternach to the town of Berdorf.



The trail was amazing.



We wove in and out of huge rock walls, and there were crazy alcoves everywhere that you could squeeze into and explore.



We eventually made it to Berdorf and it was a teeny tiny little town with nothing going on, so we decided to get back on the path and walk another 10km to Beaufort, a larger town with an old castle that we wanted to check out.


Rock Theatre

Along the walk we stumbled across a theatre built into the rocks – there was even orchestra seating to the left and right! Very cool.



Some of the explorable crevices were super creepy – this one was an old rickety ladder that led deep down into a pit and to get out you had to walk through a really narrow crevice that was only passable if you hunched right down.



We hardly ran into anyone on the hike but thankfully there were a few other groups around when we went through. I wanted to be able to call for help if I got lodged between two rocks!!



The whole trail system was really impressive – beautifully maintained with walking and biking trails spanning over 100km. I wish we could have explored more but our little legs were turning into lead.



Aha! A Castle!



The castle was very cool, but unfortunately we were too late to take a tour.

Disappointing, but not terrible as both Cobi and I were pretty ready to call it a day!

We found the bus back to Luxembourg and we promptly passed out.



When we got back to Luxembourg we had a quick shower to clean off and wake up then went out for a well deserved dinner. I inhaled my Pulled Pork Sandwich before I could take a photo. I’m not sure if it was because we had walked a total of 30km that day, but it was the best sandwich I had ever had in my life.

The brownie for dessert wasn’t too shabby either!



The next morning we had our final breakfast in Luxembourg (seriously – Nutella really should be a part of every breakfast at home), packed our bags, and made our way to the train station to get to our final destination.

Final stop – Paris!

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