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Hide Yo’ Waffles, Hide Yo’ Fries

May 25, 2016

Has anyone seen the movie ‘In Bruges’? I have. And it’s 100% the reason Cobi and I added Bruges to our trip. It was going to be just as beautiful, with a lot less hit men.


The train ride from Amsterdam was pretty quick, even though we had to transfer twice.



The walk from the train station to our hotel wasn’t far, and it was a beautiful day so we decided to walk. Pulling luggage along a cobblestone street wasn’t ideal, and I hadn’t packed clothing for warm weather and I was already regretting it!



Our hotel was really cool. We stayed at the Hotel Montanus and it had a beautiful interior courtyard.



It got so hot while we were in Bruges that Cobi and I were both tempted to jump in the water at one point or another…



After we dropped off our luggage and changed into some weather appropriate clothing we went off to explore Bruges. Namely – their chocolate shops!


Chocolate Tools

It seemed like every other storefront was a chocolate shop.



Each one had crazier chocolates than the last!



We were feeling pretty peckish at this point so we stopped for beers and a snack.



We were planning on just sharing an order of Moules-Frites, but the server wouldn’t let us share a dish because then it ‘wouldn’t be worth serving us’… Interesting. But if that means ordering some Cheese Croquets then I can’t complain!



After our snack we did some walking around the town, checking out the canals and beautiful old buildings.



We had no specific plans for Bruges – other than eating our weight in fries and waffles.



Sassy residents of Bruges.


Ferris Wheel

We stumbled across a fairground that we meandered through, watching kids on rides that spin around and around in a sickening way. At the end of the grounds was a huge ferris wheel.


Ferris Wheel

It was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot so for €40 you could take a spin in the ferris wheel with a glass of Veuve.

Fancy European ferris wheels…


Lake of Love

As we were walking along we found a really pretty park on a river, and decided it would be a nice place to have a picnic the next day.



We stopped off at a cool bar right along the river for a few beers while we decided where to go for dinner.



Because we are adults and make great adult decisions, we decided to have fries and mayo for dinner.



We ate the fries by a beautiful church to ensure we remained very cultured.



And because we were in Belgium we couldn’t NOT have a waffle for dessert!!

This one was covered in Chocolate & Bananas and we just inhaled it.



We were pretty exhausted from a day of travelling (and our highly nutritious dinner of waffles & fries) so we made our way back to our hotel to pass out.



The next morning we decided to continue our healthy eating choices by having a caramel waffle for breakfast!

We couldn’t resist – we walked past a place called Chez Albert which is apparently known to have the best waffles in Bruges. It would have been ridiculous if we DIDN’T have waffles for breakfast…


Waffle on a Stick

While we were eating our Breakfast Waffle we noticed a place right across the street called Go.fre that made Waffles on a Stick… We decided to go in and check it out. There were tons of different options to choose from, with Dark, Milk and White Chocolate and any topping you can think of (sprinkles, Smarties, almonds etc).



Then we noticed a station by the cash register where they had fresh-made waffles, and you could choose any chocolate and any toppings you wanted!!


Waffle on a Stick

How could we say no?

So for Second Breakfast we had a stick waffle covered in Caramel Chocolate Sauce and Smarties.

Great start to the day.


Fries Museum

Fries Museum?! Absolutely.


Fries Museum

It was the funniest little museum. Totally kitschy, with big billboards on the wall outlining the history of the potato and the history of the fry.


Fries Museum

My favourite part of the museum was the section detailing the importance of Fries as a part of a healthy diet.

It outlined the benefits of salt, potatoes and oils – you don’t need to convince me to eat fries!!


Fries Museum

Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie in one of these things?


Fries Museum

Of course the Fry Museum had fries for sale at the end of the tour. And you can’t NOT get fries in the Fry Museum.

At this point it was still pretty early in the day so we decided to go to a few shops and pick up the necessary items for our picnic.


Burger Chips

While we were at a corner store picking up beer we noticed these ‘Classic Burger’ chips.

Definitely wish we had picked up a bag to try.



After we got a few cold beers we stopped at a tiny little cheese shop for some Truffle Brie, prosciutto, and fresh bread.



We picked out a spot in the shade and laid out our picnic.



I had to go buy a dress earlier in the day because it was SO hot and my jeans just weren’t cutting it. Sitting by the water with our beer and cheese we had never been happier!



After our delicious picnic lunch we found a 5k train that circled Bruges that we decided to walk along. Thank goodness for all the walking, as there were lots more things we wanted to eat and we needed to build our appetites back up.



Throughout the day we had picked up lots of tasty treats – chocolates, homemade Nutella, soft vanilla-filled stroopwafels and chocolate florentines. Some of which we bought to bring home as gifts for people, others we bought to eat all to ourselves.



There were an insane number of Michelin starred restaurants in Bruges, but they were all slightly out of our price range.

We found a place called Bistro Refter that looked great (and wasn’t crazy expensive) that we decided to go to. The restaurant was linked to a 3-star Michelin restaurant called Karmeliet so we had high hopes! My meal of Asparagus Salad to start, Steak Tartare Main and a Baked Apple for dessert was amazing. Cobi loved his Fried Pork Belly starter but wasn’t a huge fan of his Steak or Creme Brûlée. It was the first meal the we had that wasn’t totally outstanding. But it was still pretty good!



We spent our last night in Bruges walking around the town a little, checking out the areas we hadn’t been to yet. We were so full of Fries & Waffles & Beer & Chocolate, I’d say the visit was a great success.



The next morning we had a quick breakfast of pastries and coffee at the hotel, then walked back to the station to catch our train to Luxembourg.

Goodbye Bruges, you were absolutely delicious.

Next stop: Luxembourg!

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