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Eating Our Way Through Amsterdam

May 24, 2016

After the most amazing 4 days in Liverpool with some of the loveliest, kindest people I’ve ever met, it was time to catch our flight to Amsterdam.


We landed in Amsterdam just after 7pm, and after dropping our bags off at our hostel we hit the streets for some touristing.


If this sweater of my new favourite treat wasn’t €70 I would have bought it in a heartbeat!


Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

We were ready to get our foodie on, so Cobi found a place called Cafe de Klos where we ate some of the best ribs I’ve ever had.


If you ever go – be sure to get the baked potato as well. The garlic butter was a thing of dreams.



We walked around after dinner to digest our ribs, and saw lots of people with Churros… After finding out where they were coming from we had to get some for ourselves.

Nutella Stool

My favourite part of the whole experience was definitely the Nutella stools. If only my luggage was big enough to take one home!


Mmm is there anything better than Churros straight out of the deep fryer and doused in Nutella??

At this point we were sufficiently stuffed and decided to make our way back to the hostel and call it a night.


The next morning we slept in slightly and had breakfast at Filter, the cafe attached to our hostel.

I wasn’t feeling well (apparently drinking non-stop for 4 days can make you sick), so I had some sort of ‘Immune Booster’ drink. It was sugary and fruity and I loved every drop.

The Elvis

Cobi had a breakfast sandwich and I had toast with Peanut Butter & Bananas – Elvis would be proud.

The bike lanes in Amsterdam are incredible (come on, Toronto – get your shit together) so we decided to rent a couple of bikes and see as much of the city as we possibly could.

Sprinkle Toast

We had to stop in a grocery store at one point to pick up some meds for me, and I spent some time checking out the amazing treat aisles.

Sprinkle Donut Crunch

Sprinkle Donut Capt’n Crunch?? Yes please!!

Fruit Loops

Exactly what Froot Loops needs – Marshmallows.

I didn’t buy either of these cereals and I have never regretted anything more.


After a morning of some solid biking we made our way to the Anne Frank house as we had tickets for the 3:15pm tour. We tried booking tickets a few weeks in advance but they were all sold out – luckily they opened up a few more the day of, and we managed to snag a pair. The tour was incredible, I’m glad we were able to go.



Cobi had done a good job so far finding us amazing places to eat, so after the tour we biked to a restaurant called Blauw for dinner. Everything on the menu looked delicious, so we both went with the tasting menu.



They brought out at least 20 little dishes of food – rice, chicken/fish/goat satays, fried bananas, stir fried veggies, veggies in peanut sauce, and a million more.



Everything was so amazing. And even though the dessert menu looked incredible, Cobi and I could barely roll ourselves out of the restaurants and back onto our bikes!

We had yet to eat anything sub-par on this trip.



At this point in the evening it had started to get pretty dark, so we dropped the bikes off and decided to continue our adventures on foot.



After a fair amount of post-dinner biking and walking we were ready for dessert!

We stopped outside a crepe place that did insane-looking waffles and sundaes and crepes. We decided to go for some sort of chocolate cookie crunch thing topped with caramel sauce. It was amazing.



The next morning we accidentally slept in a little later than planned (food comas are a dangerous thing), so we got ready quickly to start our day.


Smallest Restaurant

I wanted to get some pannenoeken for breakfast, so Cobi found the tiniest little pancake house called ‘Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs‘.


Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

It boasts being the tiniest restaurant in Europe, and the ‘upstairs’ part was no joke.


Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

The stairway was hilarious. So steep and so narrow. I get vertigo just thinking of it.



It was the cutest place! There were four tables, three of which sat four people and one sat two. The ceiling was covered with the coolest and craziest teapots, and the kitchen was the size of a small closet.


Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

Picking our breakfast was tough. Everything looked amazing!


Pear & Egg Nog

I ended up going for pear, egg nog, chocolate sauce & cream. The Egg Nog tasted like Christmas – but with a HUGE punch.


Apple Cinnamon & Currants

Cobi got apple, raisin & currants which was also amazing.


Our Lord in The Attic

We continued our museum-ing with the Amsterdam Museum (if anyone wants to know how Amsterdam could possibly exist – the Amsterdam Museum is a good way to go) and a tour of the ‘Our Lord In The Attic’ house. The attic of this house concealed a secret Catholic church where Catholics would go to worship after they had lost their right to worship in their own way.


Our Lord in the Attic

We had to wear funny little slippers during the tour and Cobi loved making fun of me for wearing them (even though he had to wear them too…)


Our Lord in the Attic

The house was really cool. The lower levels were where the house owner actually lived, and in the attic was a huge, ornate, 3 storey church.


Our Lord in the Attic

The tour was very cool. We had headsets and could listen to details of every aspect of the house and church. Definitely recommend checking it out!



The view from the top of the museum was a nice added bonus.



After all the culture from the day we were famished. I would move to Europe just for the fries and mayo.

These fries were from Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx and had ‘Belgian Mayo’ and it was amazing, so were were super excited for our next destination!



And nothing rounds out a solid meal of French Fries quite like a super chocolatey brownie.

Normally I’d say that nuts have NO place in treats, but I didn’t mind them here.



The next morning we had breakfast at Filter again, before making our way to the train station.



They asked if I wanted fruit or a ‘surprise’ with my breakfast, and I asked for a surprise. Turns out the ‘surprise’ was a hard boiled egg with a surprised face drawn on! Amazing.

After breakfast we grabbed our bags and walked to the train station. Amsterdam was amazing – the food was delicious, the sights were beautiful, and the museums were so interesting. Definitely one of my favourite cities ever.

Next stop: Bruges! Bring on the Belgian Mayo.

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