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Weddings, Karaoke & Pub Crawls in Liverpool

May 17, 2016

Cobi and I have just returned from a 14 day EuroTrip spanning Liverpool, Amsterdam, Bruges, Luxembourg and Paris. In true Cosbi form we ate our way through each destination, arriving back home full and happy.

Plane Food

The start of any good trip begins with a gourmet meal… Unfortunately, we were flying Air Canada.



It was a nice surprise learning that booze is free on long haul international Air Canada flights! They redeemed themselves with grace and dignity. And rum.

Our first stop was Liverpool to see my favourite Brits (Sophie & Steve) get hitched. Sophie and I met 5 years ago when we worked together at Restoration Hardware, and I was SO excited to see her walk down the aisle.



We took the redeye on Friday night, landing in Liverpool at 9am Saturday morning. Sophie’s brother Liam and his fiancée Cass were kind enough to let us (and the other Torontonians Ashley & Derek) crash at their place while we were in town – Thanks again Cass & Liam!! After dropping our stuff off at their place and having a bite to eat we set out to explore Liverpool. First stop, of course, was checking out all things Beatles.


Jelly Beatles

Mmmm delicious Jelly Bean Beatles.


Cavern Club

And the place where the Beatles got their start!

We were thinking of going in for a drink but the line was pretty crazy.



After touristing a little, the boys and girls split up – each off to have their own pre-wedding fun.



All the ladies went out for a super fun dinner (with ample drinks!)


No surprise, the dessert was my favourite part.

Portable S’mores – is there anything better?!



Sunday was an exciting day. Cass, Ashley and I woke up early to get our hair done, and spent the morning getting ready and helping the dudes get fancified.

I was so excited for the wedding!!



Of course, the entire wedding was beautiful, but this was by far my favourite part!!

If only Ethel could have been there!


Soph & Liam

But then beautiful bride walked down the aisle with her brother Liam and I had a real hard time keeping it together for the rest of the ceremony.



I managed to make it through my reading without bursting into tears (or tripping in my heels) – but it was not easy. Especially the heels part.



After the I Do’s were Did it was time to party.



Cobi, Ashley, Derek & I were ready to represent Canada in style.


Place Setting

We were seated at the British Columbia table, and had Union Jack/Maple Leaf pins at our place settings – Thanks again Deb!!



Dinner was great, dessert was better.

It’s like Sophie & Steve knew I loved Sticky Toffee Pudding and picked it just for me!*

(*This is not what happened)


Wedding Cake

I had my eye one the cake right from the start, but I was too busy getting my dance on all night and didn’t get any!!



Even though I didn’t get any cake, it was a pretty spectacular night with my favourite lady.


Bobby Pins

The best part was definitely letting my hair down… I was finding bobby pins the whole next day!


Tuk Tuk

Because the Brits are crazy, they thought it would be a good idea to do a pub crawl the day after the wedding…

I wasn’t so sure until I saw the Tuk Tuk pull up outside the first bar – a Karaoke cart taking the girls for a tour around Liverpool!!

I was so in.


Sophie Singing

We sang all the hits – Dolly Parton, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys. It was the best thing EVER.


VW Bar

The Tuk Tuk took us to a really cool bar where we met up with the boys.



Somehow I managed to drink a little more…


Fish & Chips

Tuesday afternoon we were flying to our next destination, so before we made our way to the airport we stopped for fish & chips! There was no way I was leaving the UK without having fish & chips.



We ate by the water, and walked along the beach to see the Gormley’s.



Even though it wasn’t warm, we couldn’t help stopping for ice cream.

Who can say no to Soft Serve & a Flake?!

Thank you Sophie & Steve for letting us join in on your celebrations, and thanks to your entire family for making us feel so welcome!

Next stop: Amsterdam!

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