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Welcome to the World, Baby Jobin!

June 1, 2015

Cobi and I have wanted a puppy for ever.

Specifically a Bulldog.

In our old apartment in Toronto we had neighbours that had both French and English Bulldogs, and we fell in love with both breeds.



From that moment on we started saving up for our puppy, putting all our change in a jar at the end of the day. One of my friends found a cookie jar in the shape of a bulldog, and that became our new Doggy Savings Account.



We’d gotten the name ‘Jobin’ in our head for one reason or another, and the Jobin Jar became an important fixture in our home.



We’ve had lots of Jobin placeholders over the years, some small



And some big. But none were the real deal.

Once we got settled in our new home and new jobs in San Francisco, we realized the time had come to turn the Jobin Jar funds into a real Jobin!

We did a lot of research on French Bulldog breeders in the Bay Area, and met with a few before deciding on Baytown Bulldogs. Vera has been absolutely amazing and so helpful throughout the process, answering all our questions and sending constant photos and updates!



After being added to the waitlist and waiting for what felt like forever, we got word the puppies had arrived and there was one for us!



I have never been so excited.



Vera has been kind enough to send us frequent updates and pictures, so we can watch our little girl grow.



Look at that face!!




She’s been growing so fast over the last few weeks, we were so excited to get to see her in person.



This past weekend she was old enough for a visit!



We got to play with her for a bit, but she was more interested in chewing on my fingers than her toys…



And after a few short minutes of playing she fell fast asleep.



We were happy enough just to watch the little nugget snooze!



After her nap she woke up again for another round of playing



But then it was time for another nap.

She’s my spirit animal.



She woke up again, and left my lap to go explore Cobi’s lap.



Cobi explained to her the functions of the newest Apple product…



And she promptly fell asleep.

I feel ya, girl.



Even though most of our visit with her was us just watching her sleep, we loved it.

Just 3 more weeks til she’s all ours!!

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