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Brownie Cupcakes & Mint Oreo Cake

May 26, 2015

I haven’t been baking much lately, but I had two occasions that called for some treats recently and I was excited to get back at it!

Chocolate Chips

First off were goodbye treats for my boss.


Chocolate Batter

She got a great gig at a media startup, and as excited as we were for her, we were all sad to see her go.


Chocolate Cupcakes

I wanted to make something awesome, and knowing she’s a chocolate lover I started off with a super chocolatey batter filled with chocolate chips.


Brownie Batter

Then, because I couldn’t decide between Cupcakes or Brownies and ended up going with both, I whipped up some Brownie batter!


Brownie Frosting

I used some of the batter to make Brownie Frosting for the Cupcakes, and baked the rest.


Brownie Bits

Once the Brownies were cooked and cooled I crumbled them up to top the Cupcakes.


Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

The mini ones were cute, but the big ones were beautiful.


Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!


Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcake

These were completely delicious if I do say so myself!


Mint Oreos

My next baking endeavour was for Cobi’s birthday.

Cobi normally doesn’t eat sweets, so every year for his birthday I make him something pretty crazy.

Last year was a Chocolate Wasted Cake, the year before was a Reese’s Cake, and the year before that was a ‘Grilled Cheese’ Cake.


Mint Oreo Crumbs

Cobi’s favourite flavours are white cake with white icing, Peanut Butter, anything Candy, and Mint Oreo.

Seeing as I’d done all the other flavours already, it was time to go with Mint Oreo!


Oreo Crumb Base

I started by throwing a few rows of Mint Oreos into a food processor, mixing the crumbs with melted butter and pressing the mixture into the bottom of two cake pans.


Cake Batter

Then I made an extra Chocolatey cake batter and poured it on top of each Oreo crust.


Mint Oreo Base

Good looking start.


Oreo Crumbs

While the cakes were cooling I whipped up some Oreo Cream Cheese Frosting.


Oreo Frosting Layer

I spread a thick layer on one of the cakes and stacked the other on top.


Chocolate Ganache

Next I made a thick Chocolate Ganache to cover the whole thing.


Oreo & Frosting

I spread the Ganache over the cake, let it set, and used the leftover Oreos and Cream Cheese Frosting to decorate the top.


Oreos & Frosting

There was an entire box of Mint Oreos in this cake!

I didn’t get great photos of the whole cake because we dove into it right away.



Mint Oreo Chocolate Cake

This was definitely one of my favourite Birthday Cakes for Cobi!

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