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Touring Berkeley

May 6, 2015

After a touristy day in Santa Cruz on Saturday, we decided to continue being touristy in Berkeley on Sunday!


Cobi and I met up with a few friends Sunday morning and we drove to Berkeley to go for a hike through Tilden Regional Park.



It was nice and sunny, but pretty chilly with the wind.



Ladies who hike!

When we were all hiked out we stopped at a restaurant called Jupiter to eat lunch outside in the sun and drink a well deserved beer.

Even though we stuffed our faces with Pizza and Garlic Bread and Artichoke Dip, we were all still craving something sweet.



One of the girls mentioned a place called Cinnaholic where you can design your own Cinnamon Roll – I was all in!

There were tons of different frosting flavours to choose from, as well as delicious toppings.

Strawberry & Cookie Dough

Two of the girls went for Vanilla Frosting, Cookie Dough and Strawberries.


Strawberry Shortcake

Another went for just Strawberries.


Brownie, Oreo & Chocolate Sauce

And I went Chocolate Crazy!! Vanilla Frosting, Brownie Chunks, Oreo Chunks and Chocolate Sauce!


Cinnamon Buns

They were all soooo good.



We took our treats to a nearby park, soaking up the sun while we soaked up the sugar.

At this point I was hardly able to walk back to the car, but I sure was content.

Excellent Sunday!

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