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Touring Santa Cruz

May 4, 2015

Cobi and I were very touristy over the weekend!

Roller Coaster

Saturday we found ourselves in Santa Cruz, and after driving through the town and along the water for a bit we decided to check out the Boardwalk.



We walked through all the rides, it was just like a Fall Fair – only sunny and warm!

(And with palm trees instead of hay bales…)


Dragon Coaster

We didn’t go on any of the rides, but some of them looked pretty awesome…


But of course the best part was all the crazy Fair food!!

The Stuffed Churros and Churro Sundaes sounded amazing.


Deepfried Cheesecake

“A dessert you can hold on to!”



After showing INCREDIBLE self control and not getting any deep fried deliciousness, we walked along the beach to the Pier.


Sand Before

There was a man working on some pretty cool Sand Art!


Snuggling Sealions

As we were walking along the pier we heard the sound of snoring Sea Lions, and saw a whole group of them cuddling on a dock.


Sea Lions

Going a bit further down the pier there were even more!!


Sleepy Lion

This guy just looked so happy and content napping under the pier.


Yawning Lion

Soooo sleepy.

I think I’d quite like to be a Sea Lion in my next life…


Swimming Sealions

Once the Sea Lions were done snoozing it was time to play!



They would lay resting on their backs, then all start splashing around like crazy before disappearing under the water.

Sand After

On our way back to the car we saw the finished Sand Art!


Secret Beach

We hopped in the car and drove back up the coast, stopping on the side of the road to check out rocky cliffs with amazing views.



We walked along the top of the ridge, looking at the rock formations.



There were lots of caves above and below the water level.



We found a path leading down to the beach and decided to check it out.



It was such a cool spot!



After walking along the beach for a bit we got back in the car and drove to Sam’s Chowder House for dinner. The last two times we went we got the Lobster Roll (because it’s amazing), so we decided to share it and try something new – the Seafood Combination dish with Calamari, Prawns, Fish and a Crab Cake.

I love being touristy in California!!

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