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Happy Eastover!

April 14, 2015

Easter and Passover fell on the same weekend this year, so Cobi and I had a lot of celebrating (and eating) to do!


Saturday evening we were attending a Seder at Cobi’s Aunt’s place, and I was tasked with bringing a dessert.


Toffee Ingredients

One of my roommates in University always made these super addicting bars with Graham Crackers, Toffee and Chocolate, and I figured I could replicate them easily with Matzah.


Bubbling Toffee

I laid the Matzah down on a baking sheet then made the Toffee.


Pouring Toffee

Then I covered the Matzah with the still-hot Toffee.


Baked Toffee

I put the bars in the oven for a few minutes til the surface started to crack.


Chocolate Chips

Then came the Chocolate Chips!


Chocolate Layer

I sprinkled an entire bag of Guittard Semi-Sweet chips onto the hot Toffee, let them sit for a few minutes til they softened, and spread them out.


Toffee Bits

They looked pretty good, but I figured they needed one more thing – Chopped up Heath bars!


Sprinkling Salt

Cobi sprinkled on some coarse Sea Salt for good measure.


Crack Bars

Not bad!


Toffee Matzoh

These are super delicious and super addicting any time of year. Thanks for the inspiration, Alanda!



While I was making the dessert Cobi was working on the Charoset.



Manischewitz, Apples, Sugar. The best.


Easter Hunt

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had been!!


Easter Menorah

Chocolate knows no religious bounds.


Easter Treats

The Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Cobi) did a good job hiding the chocolate – too good, I wasn’t able to find every piece! Luckily we were smart enough to count all the chocolates before Cobi hid them so I knew how many were still left to find. It’s now over a week later and I’m still finding chocolate Eggs…



The best eggs were the giant Chocomize eggs Cobi surprised me with.

Left was Oreo, Middle was ‘Candy Crush’, and right was Salted Caramel. I devoured the Caramel one in record time, but they were all so good!



The best part was each one had a truffle inside.

Slight chocolate overdose, and it wasn’t even noon yet!


Fried Matzoh

What’s the best way to battle a food coma?



More food!

Nothing washes down Easter chocolate like fried Matzah, Bacon, and fruit.


Choc Chips

After a short break from food it was time to get right back to it.


Cookie Dough

Cobi and I were going to an Easter dinner Sunday night and I needed to make an Easter-y dessert!


Cookie Dough Cups

Going off the Cookie Dough-theme I’ve been loving lately, I decided to go with Chocolate Chip Easter Cups.


Cookie Cups

After making up the Cookie Dough I pressed the batter into a mini Cupcake pan, pushing down the middles a little. Once they came out of the oven I pushed down the centres a bit more to hold more chocolate!


Mini Egg Cookie Cups

I made a Ganache, poured it into the centre of each cup, and added a Mini Egg.

Easy, adorable and delicious Easter treats.


Easter & Passover Treats

I went a little crazy and had a ton of leftovers, so my coworkers got to enjoy some Eastover treats too.

Hope you all enjoyed the Holidays!

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