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Last Day in NYC

April 6, 2015

Sunday morning was our last in New York, and after a quick brunch Cobi and I packed up our stuff and made our way to the airport.

Baked By Melissa

We passed right by Baked By Melissa on the way to our gate, I couldn’t not go in…



I had to say my final farewell. And grab a few for the road.


BBM Cupcakes

3 and 6 packs didn’t seem like enough, so I got 25 of my favourite flavours!


Mini Cupcakes

I ate a few on the plane, but brought most of them into work Monday morning. They didn’t last long…


Dylan's Candy Bark

Oh, and while we were waiting to board we found a Dylan’s Candy Bar! I hadn’t bought any Bark when we were there the day before, so Cobi bought me a NY Cheesecake one because it looked pretty awesome. And because he’s pretty awesome.



We’d had an amazing time in New York, but it was nice to get back to San Francisco.

Much warmer here…


Sweet Maple

We ate so many delicious things when we were in New York, so we wanted to keep it up when we got back.

Sweet Maple for some Deep Fried French Toast? Yes please.



I recently discovered a new gelato place called Lush. It’s unfortunately located right next to my gym…



Sometimes I can’t help but go in after a good workout!

Donut Gelato

I mean come on, any place that has a Glazed Donut-flavoured Gelato is irresistible.


Gummy Pandas

The market by our apartment also has some pretty irresistible treats. I like to pretend these are healthy because they are ‘all natural’, whatever that means.


Peanut Butter Crispy Bar

They have freshly baked treats like Peanut Butter Krispie Bars and Pot Au Cremes. They have a Creme Brûlée Cheesecake Bar that I’m dying to try out!


Ben & Jerrys

I’m still testing all sorts of Ben & Jerry’s flavours, my favourites are definitely the ones with the core! The Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core was pretty good, but my favourite is still the Salted Caramel Core.


Don Quixote

The next weekend Cobi scored some major boyfriend points by accompanying me to the ballet. We saw Don Quixote and I think Cobi actually enjoyed himself! I’m sure he’ll deny it, but I saw the wonder in his eyes.

After the show we walked from the theatre to Fillmore St where we were hoping to get a table at SPQR, a Michelin-starred restaurant that is always fully booked. Luckily we could be seated at the bar about an hour after we put our name on the list, so we wandered around a bit more until our table was ready.



Seeing as Easter was coming up I wanted to stop in Walgreens and pick up some treats for the Easter Bunny to hide for me!

I went a little crazy considering I’d be the only one eating the candy, but who cares. I train all year for this day.



Eventually we got our seat at SPQR and had the most amazing meal. Even though I was completely stuffed, I couldn’t say no to dessert.

It looks a bit like a big mess, but it was a delicious mess of Egg Nog Zabaione and Bread Pudding and a Churro-type thing all doused in warm Bourbon Caramel sauce. Amazing.


Chocolate Marshmallows

And no meal is complete without complimentary Chocolate Marshmallows!

While the last few weeks had been entirely delicious, I couldn’t wait until Easter…

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