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Day 4 in NYC

April 2, 2015


Saturday we woke up to beautiful sun and blue skies!

We didn’t really have any plans for the day, except for the wedding later in the evening.


Cronut Box

Cobi and I had slept in and were still debating what to do when we heard a knock on the door.

Apparently Jesse had woken up early to stand in line for Cronuts!!



I didn’t know that they do different flavours every month, I thought there was a standard Original Cronut. This month’s flavour was Pineapple Matcha… Can’t say that got me too excited.


Cronut Centre

I have to be honest, I was disappointed. It wasn’t great. A little weird actually.

The pastry part was quite good though, so we squeezed out the gross green goo and just ate the sugary dough.

Why couldn’t the flavour of the month be Crème brûlée?!


Line Card

While Jesse was standing in line for the Cronut he was handed this card – Professional Line Sitting!



After the Cronut debacle, Cobi and I went to Eataly to find some other tasty treats.


Nutella Brioche

And boy, were there great options!!



One of my many weaknesses is Tiramisu, and there were all different kinds at the market. Classic, Salted Peanut, Honey and a few others that all looked amazing. The woman behind the counter said the classic was the best, so I bought one to enjoy later.



Nutella Bar?! I can’t believe we missed the opening. We obviously need to go back.


Fresh Pasta

There was beautiful fresh homemade pasta.



And amazing looking breads.



Not everything was appealing…


Anchovy Juice

Some things were super gross. Anchovy juice? Bleh.



Cobi had tried the sandwiches at Rosticceria and said they were amazing, so we split a Prime Rib Panino. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had!


Dylan's Candy Bar

After we’d wandered all through the market we made our way to one of my very favourite places in NYC, Dylan’s Candy Bar!


Dylan's Candy Bar

This is what I imagine heaven looks like.

I’ve only been to Dylan’s once before, the last time I was in New York, and I loved it.


Gummy Bear Wall

There were walls of Gummy Bears.



And walls of Peeps.


Dylan's Candy Bark

They had all kinds of bark – Candy Bar, Cookie Explosion, S’more, NY Cheesecake and more.


Teeth & Brains

There were teeth and brains


Chicken Feet

And chicken feet!



No candy bag is complete without Blobs.


Giant Gummy Bears

Why WOULDN’T you need a 5lb Gummy Bear?!


Cookie Dough Bites

There were Chocolate-Covered Cookie Dough bites


Cake Batter Bites

And Chocolate-Covered Cake Batter bites


Matzah Kepot

These are the best Passover Kepot ever


Orthodox Chews

“A Chewish Tradition”


Ten Plagues

“Why is this manicure different than all other manicures?”

Hilarious and amazing.


Bacon Bar

Not kosher, but probably delicious!


Holey Donuts

Jesse and Andy met up with us at Dylan’s, and after we had bought our weight in candy Andy decided she needed a Donut. We made our way to Holey Donuts, because we’d heard good things.

When we got there the first thing we noticed was that all the Donuts were low fat… What’s the point?! Then we realized that the shop was closed! Good riddance, no one wants a low fat donut anyway.


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Right across the road we saw something way more fun.


Big Day Ice Cream

All the ice cream looked amazing, and you could cover it in whatever toppings you wanted! We were all tempted to try it, but we still had donuts on our minds.


Doughnut Plant

We found another highly rated shop called Doughnut Plant and crossed our fingers that it was open.


Doughnut Plant



Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Vanilla Bean

Everything looked amazing, and we ended up going for Valhrona Chocolate, Creme Brûlée and Vanilla Bean doughnuts. Each one was more delicious than the last.

As we were waiting in line for our doughnuts, the cashier was calling out someone’s name saying their doughnuts were ready. The person never came to claim the doughnuts and Cobi jokingly said we’d take them, and the cashier gave them to us! Apparently she can’t just put them back on the shelves, and would just end up throwing them out.


Chocolate, PB&J, Guava


We ended up with another 3 doughnuts, a Brooklyn Blackout, a PB&J and a Tres Leches!

So many donuts, so much candy.



And I’d completely forgotten about my Tiramisu!! I had a few bites and it was really good, but I couldn’t finish it.


Jennie & Gabe

We had a bit of time until the wedding started so I had a quick power nap, got dressed, and we made our way to Battery Gardens.


Table Settings

So cute.


Wedding Desserts

More treats?!

If you insist…


Cobi & Cosi

Pretty great day in NYC.

(Congrats Jenny & Gabe!!)

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