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Day 3 in NYC

March 31, 2015

Snowy Rain

We woke up Friday morning to heavy, wet snow. Living in California for the last 9 months has turned me rather soft, and I can’t handle the cold anymore.



Thanks GOODNESS for coffee!

After an amazing breakfast at Cafe Orlin we decided to wander the city in search of more delicious food.


Sold Out Cronuts

First stop: Dominique Ansel Bakery to try the world-renound Cronut.

See the sign above the lady’s head? It says SOLD OUT. Apparently Cronuts are still stupid popular and people line up before 7am to get one, and they sell out within two hours.

Silly Canadians, thinking we can just walk in and get a Cronut.



The other treats were beautiful, but I wanted a Cronut.


Cookie Cup

Not even a Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot could console me! Plus they weren’t available until after 3pm… It’s like Dominique Ansel didn’t want me to be happy and full of treats or something.



After the Cronut disappointment had worn off we wandered around the neighbourhood a bit more until our tummies brought us to Katz’s.



Heaven on Earth you say?

Prove it!


New York Egg Cream

We got the Chocolate Egg Cream, and while it was quite delicious it was super weird. Chocolate Milk shouldn’t be bubbly…

Didn’t stop me from devouring it. I relate to weirdness.


Katz's Pastrami

Our Pastrami sandwiches made me forget all about Cronuts.



I don’t typically like this style of fry, I prefer thin extra crispy ones, but they were so delicious!



Lunch of Champions.


Mini Cupcakes

Since I hadn’t eaten a mini cupcake from Baked By Melissa in over 24 hours, I needed a fix! Plus Andy and Jesse had never been, and I needed to introduce them to the magic that is Melissa.



This location had their new CupCarons (mini Cupcake topped with a mini Macaron) which I HAD to try.


Baked By Melissa

I ended up buying a box of 6 regular minis and a box of 3 Chocolate Dipped minis.



Oreo, Cookies in Milk, Triple Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Graham Cupcaron, and Chocolate Chip Pancake. All are amazing, but the Graham Cupcaron is my new favourite thing ever.


Graham Cracker CupCaron

Small. Adorable. Delicious.


Cookies In Milk

Cookies In Milk is their Mini of the Month and it’s really good!


Chocolate Covered Cupcakes

For the Chocolate Dipped minis I got Birthday Cake, Double Cookie and Chocolate Graham.




Devoured in record time.

So full, so happy!!

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  1. March 31, 2015 10:49 am

    Go back for a cronut!! They are divine!

    • March 31, 2015 10:57 am

      Stay tuned for the next post, where we may or may not have gone back for Cronuts 😉

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