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Day 2 in NYC

March 30, 2015

Our second day in New York started with a simple breakfast at a diner around the corner from the hotel, unlike the Nutella Banana Pancakes we enjoyed the last time we were here!


We decided to start out at the Museum of Natural History.



All of the displays were so cool with incredible detail.


Hidden Cheetah

The animals looking directly at you were a little scary…


One of these things is not like the other.



Probably fighting over the last Nanaimo Bar.



This one was really freaky, I definitely wouldn’t want to encounter any wolves at night.



Wait… what does it mean that all the dinosaurs are explicitly noted as ‘EXTINCT’ except the Maniraptors…?



After we explored all things naturally historical it was time for lunch!


Shake Shack

Last time I was in NYC I went to Shake Shack twice in 4 days. I would move to New York just to I could go more often!



Look at that beautiful thing.



Because a Cheeseburger and Cheese Fries weren’t enough, I also got a Vanilla Concrete with Toffee and Chocolate bits. Jesse got a Fudgey Mint Chocolate Concrete, but I think mine was better.


Hershey Store

After lunch we decided to walk the hour and a half back to the hotel and do some sightseeing. We walked through Central Park, through Times Square and the Financial District.


Giant Cupcakes

We passed a Crumbs and I had to go in! Their giant cupcakes are insane – the Cannoli Cupcake looked amazing.



The first time I ever went to Crumbs was in LA, and I became obsessed with their Black Bottom Cheesecake cupcake!


Crumbs Cupcakes

Even their regular-sized cupcakes are massive, and since we were still full from lunch we bought a few mini cupcakes and enjoyed them on a bench outside. By this point we were crazy full and exhausted, so we ended up taking the subway the rest of the way back to the hotel.



After a solid nap we met up with all the cousins at Tijuana Picnic for some top notch Mexican food. After dinner we were all craving something sweet so we went to Il Laboratorio de Gelato!


It took me forever to decide on two flavours because they all looked amazing, but I ended up going for Salted Caramel and Malt. Both were really good, but the Salted Caramel was unreal.

At this point I was ready to slip into a well deserved food coma, so we hopped on the subway and made our way back to the hotel. We needed to rest up for more eating the next day!

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