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First Day in NYC

March 26, 2015

Last weekend Cobi’s cousin Jenny was getting married in NYC, so we decided to turn it into a long weekend mini vacation!

Baked By Melissa

We left SFO at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning, arriving at JFK in the early afternoon. Our first stop once we landed was obviously the Baked By Melissa in the airport!


Mini Cupakes

Cookies In Milk, Triple Chocolate, Donut, Cookies N Creme, Cookie Dough and Pretzel. I love you, Melissa.



Made for sharing?


No Sharing

Absolutely not.



We got to our hotel and enjoyed the city views while unpacking our fancy wedding attire.



While unpacking there was a knock on the door for a special Wedding-related delivery!



Quintessential New York treats: Mini Pretzels, Black & White Cookies, NY-themed chocolates, and of course a big apple!



While I snacked on Cookies & Tootsie Pops, Cobi ordered a more substantial snack of Tapenade, Hummus and Pitas.


Dusk View

After a snack, unpacking and a quick nap, we met up with Cobi’s brother Jesse and his wife Andy to do some exploring.


Shalom Japan

Andy and Jesse had done some research before arriving and suggested we go to Shalom Japan – a Jewish/Japanese hybrid restaurant – for dinner.

How can you say no to something like that?!


Drink Menu

Any cocktail with Manischewitz in it is alright by me. Especially with a clever name like Oy Vey iz Kir!



Our dinner was amazing – Sake Kasu Challah with Raisin Butter, Matzoh Ball Ramen with Foie Gras Dumplings, Truffle Congee with Sea Scallops, everything was so good!!

I was, of course, mostly excited for the dessert.


Chocolate Banana Challah Bread Pudding

My first choice was the Chocolate-Banana Challah Bread Pudding, because I’m sort of obsessed with Bread Pudding at the moment and Challah is always a great choice!


Mochi Blintzes


We also went for the Mochi Blintzes which ended up being insanely good.

Awesome recommendation Andy & Jesse. It was the perfect start to what would be a delicious trip!

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