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Anniversary in Tahoe

March 4, 2015


Two weekends ago Cobi and I celebrated 6 years of silliness together.

Even though the weather in San Francisco was amazing, we hopped in the car Friday after work for a weekend of skiing in Kirkwood.


In N Out

Last time we went skiing in Tahoe we decided to skip In-N-Out, and it resulted in slushy rain and an injury. We decided not to risk it this time.



Safety first.



After a nutritious dinner we stopped at the grocery store to grab food for the weekend.

The store was full of giant and delicious things.


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Of all the ice cream treats this one caught my eye. M&M’s are the best.


Chocolate Oreos

I still haven’t tried Chocolate Oreos!


Fudge Cookies

Chips Ahoy had all sorts of crazy cookies. Fudge Filled, Brownie Filled, Caramel Filled oh my!


Chips Ahoy

These Reese’s Chips Ahoy made their way into my shopping basket…


Chocolate Toast Crunch

Off to the cereal aisle!


Churro Cereal

Breakfast Churros? Yes please.


Giant Cereal

I know I’m miniature so it may be hard to tell, but these were the most giant cereal boxes I’ve ever seen.


Pop Tarts

I love that these are considered a breakfast food.


Red Vines

A 5lb jar of Red Vines?! I’ve only made my way through a 4lb jar!!


Giant Popcorn

This bag of popcorn is necessary to make it through a House of Cards Season 3 marathon.


PB Twix

As we were lining up to pay, my eyes caught this Peanut Butter Twix!


Glitter Gun

We also couldn’t resist a Confetti Shooter…



Frozen foods, trashy magazines and treats. The Cosbi Anniversary Weekend is off to a good start!!



Saturday morning we were up early, had a quick breakfast and prepared our lunches. Our hotel room kitchen consisted of only a microwave and no cutlery, so we used the tiny spoon that came in my Mini Haagen Dazs to spread the PB & Jam.


Kirkwood 1

Saturday was probably the warmest ski day we’ve had yet.


Kirkwood 2

No wind and not a cloud in the sky, the temperature was definitely somewhere in the teens!


Kirkwood 3

There wasn’t a ton of snow, but even with the crazy warm temperatures I’m surprised the snow was sticking around at all!



After a solid morning we went inside to eat our delicious (slightly squished) homemade sandwiches.

We took a few more runs in the afternoon, then made our way back to our hotel. Because we only had a microwave, we were sure to only buy microwaveable food! Frozen lasagne, frozen veggies, and frozen Monkey Bread. A gosh darn feast! We washed down our meal with a few Rum and Cokes, and rounded it all out with the Reese’s Cookies and Twix bar. The PB Twix was disappointing, but the PB Cookies were amazing!


Kirkwood 4

The next morning we awoke to a completely different season.


Kirkwood 6

It was below zero, overcast and snowing – winter had finally come to Tahoe!


Kirkwood 5

We were thinking this would be our last ski weekend, but if there is more snow in the forecast we may just have to extend the season!

We went hard on Sunday, skiing the most vertical of any day so far. When our legs started feeling like jello we packed up and drove back to the city.


Craft Supplies

When we got back to the apartment it was time to craft!



This year’s Anniversary Craft theme was Papier Mâché, and we started crafting while watching the Oscars. We both forgot how long Papier Mâché takes – definitely not a one night ordeal. We also didn’t realize how much glue we needed! I’ll post more photos once we buy more glue and finish the gifts.



Oh, and the Confetti Gun? Totally awesome. Though when you’re putting on mascara in the morning and your boyfriend comes up behind you in the bathroom and shoots you with it – slightly terrifying.

Happy Anniversary Cobi, you silly monkey.

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