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Valentine’s Day

February 17, 2015

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!!
Valentine's Gift

My Valentine’s Day started last week when I got a surprise package from my secret Valentine, A.K.A. my Mom.


She’s the best Valentine a girl could ask for ūüėČ


Cold Meds

Friday I got hit with a horrible cold, so my other Valentine (Cobi) bought me the greatest gifts, Kleenex, throat lozenges and Cold medicine.



Saturday morning we had thought about going for brunch, but I was still feeling pretty gross and had no interest in getting out of my jammies. Instead, Cobi made me a delicious brunch of Chocolate-stuffed French Toast, Candied Bacon and Cheesy Scrambled Eggs!

I love him.

Moulin Rouge

While we were enjoying our Brunch and watching romantic movies, there was a knock on the door.


Bloom That Flowers

Flower delivery!



Flowers in a Pickle Jar. ‘Cuz that’s how we roll.



After a relaxing morning doing nothing, we decided to get some fresh air in the beautiful sunny 20 degree weather.

For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to go to Ghirardelli Square on the Saturday of a long weekend, that also happened to be Valentine’s Day…


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The line was absolutely insane, but we had nothing else to do and I wanted chocolate so we decided to wait.¬†And while we waited we watched the largest strawberries I’ve ever seen get dipped in and drizzled with Dark, Milk, and White chocolate.



$5 for a single Chocolate-dipped Strawberry? No thank you.

$5 for a single Chocolate-dipped Donut? That I would pay for.



We hadn’t made any reservations for a Valentine’s dinner because we’re not that organized, so we stopped by State Bird Provisions around 3:30pm hoping to snag a reservation for later in the evening. When we saw there was already a line of people waiting to do the same thing and doors didn’t open for another 2 hours(!!!) we decided to try our luck elsewhere.

Serves us right for thinking we could get a last minute reservation at a top-rated restaurant on Valentine’s Day…



We ended up going back to Woodhouse Fish Co. because it was so good the last time, and after stuffing our faces with Fish & Chips and Lobster Rolls we stopped at Sift for something sweet!



I was hoping to get a Cupcake Milkshake but their blender was broken so I had to settle for a Cookies and Cream cupcake. I considered blending it into a milkshake myself, but then remembered I don’t own a blender.



Sunny Skies

Sunday was another glorious warm day, and around Noon we decided to grab some sandwiches and eat outside.



While we were waiting for our sandwiches the most beautiful creature came into the store.

One day this will be mine. Not this one in particular (the owner seemed rather attached), but one of my own.



We grabbed our Cheesy Meatball sandwiches, walked to a nearby park and enjoyed our lunch on a bench.



I also picked up some Alfajores which I haven’t had since¬†Costa Rica.¬†They weren’t quite as good as the ones we got from The Bakery, but they were still pretty awesome.


Blue Sky

Not a bad weekend… and the weekend wasn’t over!



I was a bit jealous that everyone back home had Monday off for Family Day, until I realized we got Monday off for President’s Day! It was another glorious warm day, so I spent it soaking up the sun on a rooftop patio with friends.


Root Beer, Ice Cream, Rum

Because it was so hot out we decided to cool down with a frozen treat – Rum & Root Beer Floats!



We went through the carton of Ben & Jerry’s insanely fast.


Rum & Root Beer Float

I’m a fan of summer in February…

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

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