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Home For The Holidays

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Cobi and I both had a wonderful and exciting 2014, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2015.

The best part of the year was coming home for the holidays and spending time with friends and family. I loved hearing how many people are following us along our adventures through my blog! Thank you to everyone who has been reading ūüôā


Saatchi Friends

The first thing we did when we got home was go into the city to see as many friends as we could fit in one day! My first stop was grabbing a quick coffee with a friend from University, then I headed into my old office to visit my beloved work family. It was so nice to catch up with everyone. I love my new job in San Francisco, but I sure miss these guys.


Distillery Tree

I was able to visit with lots of friends that day which was great! We finished off the day with dinner and a walk in the Distillery District, and while there was no snow in the city it still felt pretty Christmassy.



After a day in the city we spent the rest of our time in Caledon with family. I was excited to see this nutty furball again!



And this one was ready for some serious cuddles.


Christmas Family

After all the cookie decorating and Challah baking we did on Christmas Eve we got dressed up for our big Christmas Eve dinner.


Mom & Cosi

My Mom was so jealous of my adorable pink bow belt she grabbed her gold one just to match me.


Cobi & Cosi

We took a few nice photos…



And a few silly ones.

I love having everyone together over Christmas!


Christmas Morning

The next morning Santa had been!



My Mom’s homemade stockings look GREAT¬†stuffed with treats and toys.


Cosi & Emma

Emma and I got matching jammies, and I got a Christmas growth spurt.


Anki Drive

Santa brought Cobi an adult (nerdy) version of a¬†slot car racing set. I can’t wait to play with this constantly in the apartment…



After we opened presents we ate a nutritious meal of pirogies, challah and scrambled eggs.


Dad's Tree

And after refuelling we moved on to¬†Second Christmas at my Dad’s house!


Pillsbury Dough Boy

I loved this new addition to the tree.



Usually we top my Dad’s tree with a Flying Pig, but he somehow disappeared so this year we went with a Chicken.

Nothing but classic Christmas decor in the Neumann household.



Best. Gifts. Ever.


Donut Mug

Seriously, how awesome is this mug?



Mmm Donuts indeed.


Hamburger Sweater

This was another solid¬†gift from my Dad. And Cobi got me a gift card to In N’ Out!

Apparently I like food.


Kinder Egg

Speaking of food, Cobi and I have been eating SO well while we’ve been home, enjoying¬†all the treats we can’t find in the U.S.

Kinder Eggs, Poutine, Ketchup Chips and All Dressed Chips. Yum.


Chocolate Rice Krispies

After presents and Christmas dinner with my Dad, Emma and I made Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares for dessert.


Toblerone Layer

As well as some melted chocolates mixed in with the butter and marshmallows, we added a a layer of chopped up Toblerone! They were pretty awesome.



Because we hadn’t eaten enough, the next morning we feasted on Belgian¬†waffles, fruit, and lots of bacon.

We needed to build up some energy for skiing!



My Mom sent me this photo a few weeks before we came home, so Cobi and I were really excited to do some skiing in all that snow.



Unfortunately, the snow didn’t last…


Soules Chair

There was enough snow on the hills to be able to ski, but it still looked a little sad. Especially compared to the crazy snow we had this time last year!


Snow Day

Eventually the snow came.

Overall it was a pretty perfect Christmas!

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and delicious¬†2015 ūüôā

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