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Christmas Cookies & Challah

December 31, 2014

This year was the first time ever that I was not home to decorate the Christmas tree and do all our delicious Christmas baking!

Last year I was too sick to do any of those things, but at least I was present for the fun.



If this cupboard of sugary cereal was a bribe to keep me happy… It worked.


Christmas Cookies

Cobi and I flew into Toronto on Sunday the 21st, so we had a bit of time before Christmas to do some holiday Traditions. First up: Christmas Cookies!


Star Tree

My Mom and I took our newfound skills from our Miette Cookie Decorating Course and used them to make beautiful Sugar Cookies decorated with Royal Icing.



I love how they turned out this year.


Tree Cookie

Each one is cuter than the last!



My older brother (Pate) and his girlfriend (Emma) were also home for the holidays, and they came in at the end to decorate a few of their own cookies. I loved Emma’s Tree and Ornament!



Pate’s tree (while seriously lacking frosting) was really cool.



My little brother (Sam) had less festive decorating skills.. But interesting nonetheless.


Reject Cookies

These were some of the test/reject cookies that didn’t quite make the Display Plate. While not as cute, they were excellent for snacking.


While we were decorating cookies I was also baking 2 loaves of Challah for our big Christmas Eve Dinner.

Thin Challah

I’m not sure what happened with the first loaf, but it just refused to rise!

Dense Challah is gross Challah.


Thick Challah

Luckily loaf #2 rose like a champ.



Side by side they looked pretty funny. Same yeast, same ingredients, same everything!

It’s a Christmas mystery.

We ended up throwing out the flat loaf and keeping the good one aside for our Christmas Morning Feast (post to come).


See you in 2015! Have a safe and happy New Year 🙂

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