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Pre-Christmas Cheer

December 29, 2014

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last blog post.

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone!

Where did December go?!


The month started out pretty deliciously. Cobi had put together my Advent Calendar in November and I couldn’t wait until the 1st of December to open the first bag!!


5-8Every day was something different.


9-12Some treats were big, others were small.


13-16He did such a good job!! He knows exactly what my favourite Ghirardelli chocolates are, and all my other favourite treats.


17-20As of the 20th all of the treats got more intense.


21-24The last four days were awesome!!

Well done, Cobi.


All of my Advent treats had me feeling pretty jolly and festive every day of December.

Angry Cat

This cat could sense my joy and was not happy about it.


Angry Christmas Cat

I pass this cat every morning on my walk to work, and every day it is incredibly angry.


Angry Sleepy Cat

Only when he sleeps does some of the anger dissipate.

It is my new favourite part of San Francisco, and I look forward to my walk to work every day now because of him!


Nutcracker Tree

On the weekend of the 14th I took Cobi to his very first ballet ever.

I figured The Nutcracker would be a good starter ballet for him, and I’d heard the San Francisco Ballet puts on a wonderful performance so I was excited to take him!


Theatre Lobby

The theatre was so beautiful, all decorated for Christmas.



I was so excited, I really wanted Cobi to enjoy it. If he liked it, there was a better chance I would be able to get him to come to other performances in the future!


Gummies and Champagne

To loosen him up a bit he got a beer before the ballet started, and I got champagne and Gummy Bears (because I’m both a classy lady and a 5 year old).



I couldn’t get over how beautiful the theatre was.



The ceiling was very cool. The little girl sitting in front of us kept asking her grandmother if it was going to fall down on us… I sure hope not, kid!



Cobi was a little disappointed to be missing the Leafs game, but he was able to check the score before the ballet started and during the intermission.

Typical man.


The Nutcracker


It was such a fun performance of The Nutcracker. It was set in San Francisco and was the version with Clara, whereas the Russian version in Toronto is with Marie, Misha and the Faberge Egg. I love both versions but it was fun seeing something different!


Cobi & Cosi

Doesn’t this look like the face of a guy who enjoys ballet?

I think so too.

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