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Christmas in SF

December 3, 2014

After the enormous amounts of food consumed last Thursday, Cobi and I wanted to have a quiet, relaxed long weekend.

Giant Tree

Wandering around the city we noticed that San Francisco was getting festive!


Christmas Palm

Think I could fit a Christmas Palm Tree in the apartment?



I miss snow. But I like that the air doesn’t hurt my face here…


Tree Box

Cobi and my apartment in Toronto was very small, so we were never able to get a real sized Christmas tree – only mini ones.

Now that we have an apartment with some extra space I was so excited to finally get a tree! Since we were getting a fake tree I decided to go a non-traditional route and order a white one.


Sparse Tree

Cobi did the honours of setting it up, and it looked a little sad…


Fluffed Tree

After a bit of fluffing it looked pretty good!



When my Mom was in town we did a little bit of Christmas shopping, and I found some really cute ornaments for the tree.



Cobi and I put Avocado on everything, so it felt right to have one on our tree.



My sparkly Popsicle from Macy’s is still my favourite!



I wanted to keep the tree multi-denominational, which is one of the main reasons I chose a white tree with blue lights. I also was sure to include some Hanukkah decorations for Cobi! And wait til you see the tree topper.



We had skiing snowmen and sparkly balls,



And of course I needed a baking-themed ornament!


Few Decorations

Even though the ornaments were super cute, the tree still looked pretty sad.


White Tree

So I went to CVS and bought a big box of ornaments, they helped spruce up the tree. And the Star of David topper definitely ties the Christmukkah Bush together!

The next step in my Christmas plans was to get an Advent Calendar. My favourite ones are usually the Kinder and Lindt Calendars. I haven’t been able to find a Lindt one, and Kinder Surprises are outlawed in this bananas country, so I was forced to make my own!


Advent Calendar

I went onto Etsy and found a really cute set of 24 muslin bags with the days stencilled on them. I was going to buy a bunch of different types of chocolates to fill the bags with, but Cobi said it’s not fun to know what you’re getting so he volunteered to fill the bags for me! What a gem.


Super Skiing Penguin

On Friday night we walked to Ghirardelli Square and while Cobi was picking out chocolates for me I played with old Christmas toys from my childhood! The Super Skiing Penguins are very popular in our household.


Ghirardelli Tree

We didn’t realize that there was a big Tree Lighting celebration at Ghirardelli Square that night – Santa came and lit up the tree, and then it started snowing!!



The snow seemed to be made of some sort of sudsy bubbles, but it looked very real.

Christmas magic.


David's Tea

After Cobi had all my treats and I was finished frolicking in the snow, we wandered around town a little until I came across David’s Tea. They had all their delicious Christmas flavours out and I just couldn’t resist.


David's Tea Purchases

I bought 4 types of tea and a new teapot, and got a mug for free! The Christmas Magic continues.


Christmas Store

While walking back to the apartment we came across the most Christmassy thing I’ve ever seen!!


Super Christmas Store

Holy Christmas.


Super Christmas

The store was nuts. I loved it.



Trees and Decorations as far as the eye can see!


Decorated House

I bought a few Christmas-y things, then Cobi finally managed to get me out of the store to head home.

(Sadly this isn’t our my home. The exterior of our building has not been Christmas’d)


Felt Tree

Once we got home, Cobi started working on my Advent Calendar and I put up my felt Christmas Tree. I made this tree last year with my Mom and my friend Sophie to liven up our old apartment because we couldn’t fit a real tree.

Now that we do have a tree it’s just added Christmas fun!


Christmas Tree

Once Cobi finished filling the bags he put each one in the tree. It looks so full and festive now!!


Boozy Coffee

The rest of the weekend was just as festive. Coffee with Egg Nog, grated Nutmeg and boozy Whipped Cream, mm mmm.


Egg Nog Pancake Batter

Sunday morning I decided to use some of the Egg Nog and Nutmeg to make Egg Nog Pancakes!


Egg Nog Pancake

Some of the pancakes were just Egg Nog,

Chocolate Chip Egg Nog Pancake

And others had Chocolate Chips added.


Egg Nog Pancakes

Both were super delicious, and they were made even more delicious when eaten while watching Christmas movies!

Poor Cobi, I think he’s all Christmas’d out and December has only just begun 😉

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