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American Thanksgiving

December 1, 2014

The 1st annual Taplytics Friendsgiving was a great success!!

We decided to make it Potluck style, and everyone brought a different dish. Cobi was in charge of Turkey & Cranberry Sauce and I was in charge of Challah.

Braided Bread

Because my office is awesome we got the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off too, so I got started on my bread early. I spent the day in my jammies watching Netflix and baking two loaves of Challah for dinner the next day!


Egg Wash

There is nothing more beautiful than an egg-washed loaf of Challah ready for the oven.


Loaf 1

Cobi’s method of creating a barrier between the oven rack and the pan has been life changing for me and my finicky oven!


Loaf 2

Both loaves turned out perfectly. It was torture smelling the warm loaves of Challah and not being able to take a bite…


Brown Sugar

Once I was done with my bread Cobi got started on his Cranberry Sauce.



Brown Sugar, Cranberries, Rum. The best ingredients ever.

While the sauce was reducing we moved on to the turkey.


Bacon Butter

Cobi had done a Salt Rub the day before, and after giving the Turkey a rinse he slathered it in an Herby Bacony Butter.


Buttered Turkey

This might kill us, but it sure will be delicious.


Thanksgiving Contribution

Thursday morning we packed up a few important things and headed over to Aaron and Lauren’s to finish off the turkey in their more appropriately sized oven.



Lauren had put together such a pretty and festive table!



While I sliced up some veggies to put in the bottom of the roasting pan, Cobi put the finishing touches on the Turkey.


Bacon Weave

BOOM! Is that gorgeous or is that gorgeous?



There was a bit of a scuffle trying to get the Bacon Turkey in the roasting pan which resulted in the Bacon Weave falling apart.


Fixed Weave

After a few quick edits the Turkey was ready to go in the oven!

Right before the Turkey was finished we started putting out the rest of the dishes.


Mystery Marshmallows

There was surprising amount of Marshmallows in the dishes. There was Lime Marshmallow Jello Salad,


Sweet Potatoes

And Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows! The Jello dish was a bit strange, but the Sweet Potatoes were phenomenal.



Once the Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Beans, Lime ‘Salad’, Challah, Rolls and Mashed Potatoes were in place, it was time for dinner!


Finished Turkey

The Turkey looked amazing, we couldn’t wait to try it!


Freedom Cranberries

Even though there were two types of homemade Cranberry Sauce, the canned Ocean Spray made an appearance.



Everything was so good.



After we all ate 10x our weight in food, the boys watched some football while the girls half napped/half watched Gilmore Girls on an air mattress.

Happy American Thanksgiving to all!

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