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Mom Comes To Visit!

November 18, 2014

A couple of weekends ago my Mom came into town for a visit! She flew in late Friday night and Cobi & I met her at her hotel to create a game plan for the next day.

She’s been following my blog and has seen all the amazing places we’ve gone for breakfast, so we decided to take her to Mama’s for her first meal in the city.


We got there pretty early so the line wasn’t too crazy. Much better than the 2 hour wait the first time we came!


Old Fashioned Crumb Cake

Last time Cobi and I were here I wanted to try one of the amazing looking Crumb Cakes.


Apple Crumb Cake

I made the mistake of waiting til after breakfast to order it, and ended up being too full to get one!


Crumb Cake

This time we were smart enough to order a piece of the Apple Crumb Cake before breakfast so we were hungry enough to try it!



Once we finished our breakfast appetizer our food arrived.

Cobi got a Monte Cristo,



My Mom got Chorizo Hash,


French Toast

And I was once again seduced by the various freshly baked breads and ordered the French Toast Sampler.

It was all SO good! I love Mama’s, definitely one of the best breakfasts in the city.



After breakfast Cobi went back to the apartment to do some work and Mom and I made our way to Miette for a Cookie Decorating course!


Mom & Cosi

A few years ago my mom bought a pretty book with scalloped edges with recipes from a place called ‘Miette’. We didn’t know where it was or what it was, we just knew that the store was adorable and the cakes looked incredible. When Cobi and I were in San Francisco last fall for his brother’s wedding, I realized where Miette was and have since become obsessed.



When we saw they did cookie decorating courses at the Oakland location a few times a year my mom planned a trip specifically so we could take the course!



The instructor went over tips and tricks on making the best Royal Icing with the perfect consistency, then we all went back to our stations to try making our own.


After we coloured the frosting, we grabbed some Miette Sugar Cookies and started to decorate.



The first few didn’t turn out so great…


Mom Cookie

We played with flooding as well as layering. Our colour coordination wasn’t perfect.



Slowly our decorating became cleaner and cuter!



We learned to make piping bags from Parchment Paper which was something I’ve never done before. I was nervous at first that it would be difficult to handle, but it actually allowed for really precise work.


Pink Acorn

Any imprecise work was due entirely to our lack of skill, not to the parchment paper bags.


Pink Spots

Sometimes we flooded the cookies with multiple colours,



Sometimes we added layers on top.



This cookie was technically supposed to be a lemon, but lemons are boring to decorate so we turned it into a football!



I thought this guy was cute as is, but Mom thought he needed something jazzier.


Monster Cookies




I was most proud of my Apple. I thought it turned out really well!



And Mom’s masterpiece was her Acorn.


Good Cookies

We ended up with some pretty adorable cookies! Not up to Miette standards, but still pretty darn cute.


Bad Cookies

We also had a box of reject practice cookies that, while not as cute, were still very delicious.

After we packed up all our cookies we made our way back to the Apartment, picked up Cobi and walked over the Fillmore Street for some quick shopping and dinner.



We found ourselves in a crazy store full of crazy things!



Words to live by.


Gingerbread Apron

I LOVED this apron!! Sadly, I already have 3 adorable aprons and don’t really need a 4th… Although maybe I do.

Having only eaten a few cookies for lunch we were pretty hungry. It was quite warm out so we found a cute little Italian restaurant and ate outside.

A pretty perfect first day in SF with Mom!

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