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Camping Weekend

October 16, 2014

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!


Even though I wasn’t in Canada for Thanksgiving I still wanted to celebrate!


Gingerbread Base

And what better way to celebrate than with a Fall-themed treat?



First I made a Gingerbread base and pressed it into a pan. Then I made a Pumpkin Cream Cheese filling and spread that on top of the Gingerbread base.


Pumpkin Filling

I never used to like Pumpkin much, but these bars made me fall for it pretty hard.


Gingerbread Topping

Once the Pumpkin filling settled a bit I sprinkled the remaining Gingerbread batter over top, and placed the pan in the oven.


Gingerbread Pumpkin Bars

The kitchen smelled incredible!!


Ginger bread Pumpkin Bars

Once the bars had fully cooled I drizzled frosting alll over them.



The main reason I made these treats is because the Taplytics team went camping over the long weekend, and I only like outdoorsy fun when I’m all hopped up on sugar!


Caramel Apple Cookies

To be extra safe I also picked up Caramel Apple Oreos.


Caramel Apple Milky Way

And Caramel Apple Milky Ways.


Pumpking Spice M&Ms

And Pumpkin Spice M&M’s.

You know, just to be safe…


Friday evening we all hopped in the car and headed up to Mount Diablo. It was dark by the time we arrived so pitching our tents was a fun time. As long as my air mattress got blown up I didn’t care if the tent was put up or if Cobi just laid it over my sleeping body.


Bacon Nutella Sandwich

Saturday Morning we made Eggs and Bacon to eat on English Muffins. As I was grabbing my Bacon I noticed an unopened jar of Nutella…

Nutella Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches are the best part of camping.



After breakfast (and after slathering an entire bottle of sunscreen on my person) we went out on a hike.



The rocks at Mount Diablo were really cool!


View Pano

We had a lot of fun climbing them and enjoying the beautiful views from the top.


Big Rock

As we were hiking we saw a giant rock that I really wanted to climb!


Cosi Pano

The rocks in the area were quite soft so footholds had developed, making them really easy to climb.



After we scaled all the best rocks we picked a path through the woods to hike along for a bit. Eventually the path opened up to a big beautiful field.


Pano View

Who knew a drought could be so beautiful?



The views were pretty awesome all along our hike. Though, it would be interesting to come back when we’re no longer in a drought and see what the views are like then!


Coffee Cup

We made our way back to the city on Sunday, and I was happy to have the day off on Monday (two thumbs up for Columbus Day!). I enjoyed a nice sleep-in, a delicious coffee in my new favourite travel mug, then made my way to my friend Erica’s apartment to enjoy the beautifully sunny day on her rooftop deck.


SF View

“Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, San Francisco!!”



In lieu of a traditional Thanksgiving meal we enjoyed a liquid lunch of festive Pumpkin beers, as well as some Margaritas.

I’m thankful for Margaritas.


Super Duper

After a few cold beverages in the hot sun we decided to have an early dinner at Super Duper Burger.


Boozy Milkshake

As we were ordering our Cookies & Creme Milkshakes we realized you could spike them for an extra $1.50…



Super Duper Burger

Cobi and I have tried lots of burgers in SF, and Super Duper definitely has one of the better fast food burgers. But it’s their incredible Garlic Fries that make me weak in the knees!!

San Francisco really understands their Garlic Fries.


Kara's Cupcakes

After our Burgers, Fries and Milkshakes we somehow decided to stop at Kara’s for some Cupcakes.

I enjoyed all the foods I’m most thankful for on this Thanksgiving day!

Eventually I managed to roll myself up the hill to my apartment and fell into a well deserved food coma. What a delicious Thanksgiving long weekend!

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