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Exploratorium & Treats

October 9, 2014

Once a month the Exploratorium hosts an After Dark event, where they usher out all the noisy, sticky children at 6pm and re-open their doors at to adults only at 7:30pm.

They serve alcohol at these events so the adults are probably just as noisy and sticky…

Last Thursday Cobi and I decided to join Taplytics co-founder Andrew and his wife Jesse for the Exploratorium After Dark event – or Drunk Science as I liked to call it.



I had a bit of an Alice in Wonderland moment and shrunk down a few sizes,



Then I grew impossibly tall!



There was one section of the Exploratorium that had cute hedgehogs and jungle cats you could pet, and it also had disgusting snakes.



The snake handler told me I could take the lid off and touch the snakes, and while I was explaining that I’d sooner stick pins in my eyes this crazy lady ran up and started cuddling the pythons like they were kittens. She was going on and on about how sweet and adorable they are, and how I should consider getting one as a pet.

Never in a bazillion years.

I was brave enough to pet the snake (i.e. poke it quickly then run away), and for the rest of the evening I had the distinct feeling that something was crawling on me. Bleh



These critters, while horrifyingly ginormous, were dead. So I could enjoy them. Sort of.


Pendulum Marker

The best part of the evening was discovering the Spirograph-type exhibit.

Basically there was a platform suspended from the ceiling with a big piece of paper on it.


Pendulum Marker2

You get to choose 4 colours, and for each colour you get to push the platform in any direction and it makes a crazy design!


Pendulum Marker3

We were too late to do it ourselves, but we’re seriously considering going back another time to make one for our apartment. We have a big blank wall that’s itching for some colour!

Cheap, cool art. I dig it.


Night View

After we were finished with Drunk Science we decided to take the deadly hilly route home. It kills the legs but it makes for great views.


Sourdough Bread Pudding

The next day Cobi and I went for dinner at an awesome Seafood restaurant on Fillmore called Woodhouse Fish Co. While I had the best Fish Tacos of my life there and Cobi ate a ridiculously good Seafood Po’ Boy, the Sourdough Bread Pudding was the most exciting part of the meal! I was insanely full after dinner, but when I saw in on the dessert specials I had to give it a try. I wasn’t sure how the Sourdough bread would work in a sweet dish, but it was really good!


Cookies & Creme

Almost as good as this Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter!!

This stuff is like crack. It’s literally just spreadable Oreos.

I think I need to bake some of this stuff into Brownies…


Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

By the time the weekend came I was exhausted from a busy week at work and couldn’t wait for a couple days of relaxation.

Apparently Cobi had different ideas.

We slept in a little on Saturday, then decided to spend the day walking around the city. First stop was Philz Coffee for a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee!


City Hall

It was insanely nice out this weekend, hitting well over 30 degrees (90 in American talk). Cobi loved basking in the sunlight, but I was forced to walk on the shady side of the street to keep from burning to a crisp. No amount of SPF 80 can protect me on days like this.


Hot Cookie

We ended up in the Castro because Cobi had never really explored the area. Our first stop was to Hot Cookie! I passed by this place a while ago and didn’t go in, and I’ve had lots of people urge me to try their treats so I was excited to go back.



Um what?

Well, I guess it is the Castro…


Rice Krispies

It’s a tiny little shop, but all the treats were all ginormous!


Hot Cookies

All the cookies looked incredible. Choosing between them was not easy.



I ended up going for a Chocolate Chunk cookie and a Snickerdoodle cookie.


Sexy Brian Bar

As I was going to pay I noticed the Sexy Brian Bar and was intrigued. The girl behind the counter told me it had a Graham Cracker Crust and layers of Chocolate and Coconut and Caramel and Sweetened Condensed Milk – I was sold.



After I paid for my treats we wandered around a bit more. By this point we were dying of heat, so we decided to stop at Cafe Flore for a drink in the shade.

Unfortunately Cobi was fasting for Yom Kippur, so he drank water while watching me enjoy my Fried Egg on Avocado Toast and Boozy Lemonade.

I made sure not to tell him how delicious both were…


Day View

After our rest we were ready to continue walking. We decided to walk from the Castro through the Haight to Golden Gate Park, then up to the Presidio and home through Pac Heights. It was a solid hike, but I knew I was going to eat all my Hot Cookie treats when we got home so I enjoyed the workout!



Cupcake Surprise!!



Maple Bacon Cupcake

Aaron and Lauren were staying with us over the weekend, and as a thank you they brought me a Maple Bacon Doughnut cupcake from Cako!

I haven’t been to Cako since we were in town for Cobi’s brother’s wedding, so I was excited to try another of their cupcakes. It was really good. Anything including Doughnuts and/or Bacon is alright by me!

Because Cobi was the only one fasting, he got to decide where to go to break the fast on Saturday night. We decided to go to Miller’s East Coast Deli because they had Kugel and Latkes and Kishka and Brisket and other delicious holiday foods!




After dinner we hiked back up the hill to the apartment and crashed on the sofa. Even though I was full from dinner I still had to give each of my treats a try!

The Sexy Brian Bar was by far the best, with the Double Chocolate Cookie a close second. The Snickerdoodle Cookie was really good too.

Overall it was a delicious day!


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