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Brunching in SF

October 7, 2014

Weekends are my favourite.

Cinnamon Buns

Breakfast is always better on the weekends!


Pumpkin Buns

There is a Pumpkin version of literally everything in Trader Joe’s right now.



Two weekends ago Cobi and I were debating between doing breakfast at home or breakfast out. It was such a beautiful Saturday and we woke up relatively early, so we decided to give Mama’s a shot for breakfast!

The line was bananas, and after waiting for almost an hour we were pretty committed and didn’t want to give up, so we decided to power through. There were two English girls in line behind us and we chatted with them about the best places to go while they’re in town. They were doing a similar road trip to the one Cobi and I did a few years ago, so we had lots of delicious recommendations!



After another hour we finally made it into Mama’s!

You order at the counter then get seated, and while we were waiting to order I was mesmerized by all the amazing bread. I changed my order last minute and decided to go with the French Toast Sampler, which would use 3 different types of bread.


Crumb Cake

The Crumb Cakes looked phenomenal as well. I regret not grabbing a piece to go, so I’m definitely going to need to go back!



Mimosas and boozy Lemonade, my favourite.


Eggs Benedict

Cobi (as always) ordered the Eggs Benedict, but this version came topped with Proscuitto which made it extra delicious!


French Toast

My French Toast was incredible. The three bread types were Banana Bread, Brioche, and Cranberry Orange Bread. Cobi liked the Brioche best but I loved the Cranberry Orange!

It was a long wait for breakfast, but I think it was worth it.



After breakfast we needed to run some errands downtown, and on the way I passed a crazy candy store that I had to go into!

They had insane amounts of Salt Water Taffy, as well as other chocolates and candies.



And obviously no candy store is complete without Pasta Boobs…



As we were walking back to the apartment later in the afternoon we walked passed Teuscher, a Swiss Chocolatier.


Teuscher Window

We’d passed by it once before about a month ago but it was closed, so I was excited to go in.



It was pretty cool, there were flowers all over the ceiling and chocolates lining the walls!


Teuscher Chocolates

Mmm Chocolate Heaven.



The little chocolate gnomes and animals were adorable!



And there were Cats and Owls and other Haloween-y treats.


Teuscher Chocolate

Cobi said I had to try the Truffles, especially the Champagne Truffle.



I was still full from breakfast so I ended up choosing 4 little chocolates to take home with me. I got a Champagne Pearl Truffle, a Chewy Caramel, a Crushed Almond Praline and a Milk Butter Crunch.


Chocolate Boxes

As we were leaving I realized the little Giraffes and Frogs and Cows were boxes for the chocolates! So cute.



By the time we hiked home I was ready for a treat. And because I’m me I ate all four treats.

They were all delicious, but the Milk Butter Crunch was my favourite.

I can’t wait to go back to Mama’s for some Crumb Cake and to Teuscher for more Chocolate!

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