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San Fran Sweets

September 25, 2014

Palm Trees

San Francisco has sunshine,


Rum Barrel

It has rum in barrels,


Root Beer Oreos

And cookies that taste like Root Beer Floats.


S'mores Ice Cream

It has Ice Cream that tastes like S’mores,


Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

Ice Cream that tastes like Cinnamon Buns,


Ice Cream Jelly Bellys

And Jelly Belly’s that taste like Ice Cream.


In N Out Sign

It has neon signs that lead to happiness,



And weird snacks that lead to disappointment.


Tahitian Vanilla Caramels

It has Trader Joe’s Tahitian Vanilla Caramels,



And Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Caramel.

Cookie Butter Chocolate

It has Cookie Butter Chocolate,


Cookie Butter Ice Cream

And Cookie Butter Ice Cream.


Pizza and Donuts

It has Krispy Kremes and Pizza,


Ghirardelli Sundae

It has Ice Cream and Brownies.


Cinnamon Roll Donut

And of course, San Francisco has Bob’s.


Apple Fritters

Bob and his delicious, delicious donuts.


Apple Fritter

I can’t get enough of these donuts.

Or the rest of San Francisco’s treats.


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