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Black & White Cookies

September 23, 2014


Another lovely weekend in San Francisco!



Saturday morning Cobi and I decided to go to Brenda’s for breakfast. We hadn’t been since officially moving to SF and decided it was time for some French soul food.


Philz Coffee

As usual the line was long, so we put our names down and walked around the corner to Philz for some Mint Mojito Iced Coffees. My favourite coffee and my favourite breakfast place, what a great start to the weekend!


Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

Cobi’s Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict did not disappoint.


Granola Pancakes

I got Granola Pancakes for a second time – the first time I got these was after eating 4 beignets, so I was too full to eat more than a few bites. This time we skipped the beignets and I thoroughly enjoyed my pancakes!


Bev Mo Sign

One of Cobi’s Taplytics parters (Jon) was celebrating his birthday on Saturday night, so after breakfast we stopped at BevMo to pick up some beer.

Time to stock up on $0.05 wine!!



In keeping with San Francisco, Jon’s girlfriend made a Google-themed cake complete with a fault line.


Red Vines

The next morning Cobi and I slept in, only finally deciding to get out of bed once our Google Shopping Express items were delivered.

Sometimes you just need 4lbs of liquorice…


Mini Ice Cream

And teeny tiny ice cream cones.


Black & White Batter

The main reason we’d placed a Google Shopping order was because I wanted to bake Black & White Cookies, and I needed a few more ingredients.


Cookie Batter

I’d never made Black & White Cookies before, and I was a bit nervous because they’re a temperamental cookie and I have a temperamental oven.


Burnt Bottoms

Some of the cookies didn’t turn out so great… Without the frosting they were already Black & White!

I definitely need to buy an internal thermometer for that oven.



Thankfully there were a handful that did turn out.


Black and White Cookies

Next problem – I did not have enough powdered sugar to make the White part of the Black & White cookie…


Black & White Cookies

Oh well, Chocolate is way better anyway.

They’re not exactly what I was intending to make, but they still turned out to be pretty delicious!

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