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Apartment Hunting

August 26, 2014

Once Cobi and I both had our Visas approved, it was time to find a place to live.

Mary has been an incredibly lovely and gracious host, but we felt like it was time to get out of her hair!

Victorian Houses

In our many times visiting San Francisco, Cobi and I both have come across neighbourhoods that we’d love to live in.


Purple House

We spent a lot of time walking around SF, wandering through the neighbourhoods we liked looking for “FOR RENT” signs, or taking note of property management companies or buildings that looked nice.


Pretty Victorian

There are so many beautiful Victorian style homes, but I had a feeling we would not be able to afford the ones I liked!!



I still can’t get over the incredible detail in so many of the buildings.


Big House

We found ourselves in a particularly grand neighbourhood one afternoon, and dreamed of living in a fancy San Franciscan home.


Nice Building

I’d totally live here.


Nice House

Or here.



Or here!

Eventually we came back down to earth and took to Craigslist to find listings at our price point and in our desired neighbourhoods.


Green Living Room

Not bad. A bit too green.

Green Kitchen

Very bad. WAY too green.



Are you load bearing or strictly decorative?



The best part about apartment hunting was looking at the bathrooms. Even if the entire unit has been recently redone, the bathroom was always dated.



Pink and Green were common colour schemes.


Pink&Green 2

This bathroom was found in an incredibly beautiful unit that cost over $5,000 a month…


Pink Tub

The supplier of pink bathtubs must have made a killing in this city.


Pink Sink

Pink tiling, too.


Old School Bathroom

Colour coordination, I like it.

Printed Bathroom

No pink or green, but I felt dizzy after a few moments in this bathroom!



“Building boasts in-unit washer dryers”

… Those are not in-unit. Those are in-alleyway.


Small Kitchen

Kitchens were also fun to look at. Some were ridiculously tiny!


Tiny Kitchen

Where is the rest of the kitchen??


Amazing View

We looked at a couple places that had incredible views, but that typically caused rent to increase by $1,000 a month… I’d rather pay less for a unit facing a wall and go for a walk when I want to see the beautiful city!


Nice Bathroom

Finally, after lots of hunting, I came across a bathroom that wasn’t scary.



With a kitchen that wasn’t scary.



The oven was ‘apartment sized’, but it fit a cupcake tray which is all that matters!




San Francisco may have small kitchens and funny bathrooms, but nearly every place we went to see had ample closet space!



Once we found our new home and signed the lease it was time to move in! Cobi and I took a Lyft to U Haul where we picked up our U Box and drove it to the apartment.

Guess how fun it is driving a 10ft truck plus a trailer through the streets of San Francisco?



Google Shopping Express is insanely convenient when it comes to moving into a new place. Need essentials like paper towels, soap, toilet paper and hangers but are too busy unpacking to run to the store and get them? No problem! Google will pick them up and deliver them to you for free!



Once we moved all the furniture and boxes in, Cobi had to go back to work so I got busy unpacking. The most exciting part was unpacking my baking boxes!! I don’t have any ingredients as I had to leave all food products at home (devastating), so I’ll have to do a major shop this week and test out my new kitchen.

Plus, I start my new job next Tuesday, so I need to start bribing my coworkers to be my friends 😉

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