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Sam’s Chowder House & Tartine Bakery

August 7, 2014

Saturday night we had access to a car, so we decided to go for dinner at Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay.

Cobi and I have been to Sam’s before, when we were in San Francisco in November for his brother’s wedding.

Fire Pit

We decided to sit outside, and even though it was a bit chilly the fire kept us toasty warm!



I asked Aaron and Lauren to smile nicely and this was their natural reaction.


Lauren & Aaron

That’s better.


Cobi & Cosi

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to wearing sweaters and jackets in August…


Lobster Roll

Sam’s Lobster Roll is apparently one of the Top 5 Best Sandwiches in America, and it was so good last time we decided to get it again. Cobi and I split the Lobster Roll and some Roasted Garlic Chili Prawn Pasta.

I was so full of good food that I fell asleep the moment we got back in the car.



A few days later Lauren wanted to go for another hike, and to sweeten the deal she suggested we first meet at Tartine Bakery & Cafe for a delicious breakfast.



We arrived at 10am and there was a pretty big lineup out the door. The long line was actually helpful, as it took us awhile to decide what we wanted!


Baked Goods

They had Desserts and Cakes and Buns and Croissants and various types of Loaves.



They also had breakfast foods like Quiches and Croissant Sandwiches.


Morning Bun

We shared a Morning Bun because we heard they were particularly good. It was basically a Cinnamon Bun with less frosting and more Brown Sugar. It was tasty.


Buttermilk Scone

I got a Buttermilk Scone, it was massive and really good. Any breakfast food coated in sugar is pretty ideal.


Croissant & Scone

Lauren got a Scone and a Croissant, but took the Croissant with her for lunch later.


Chocolate Loaf & Croissant

I also got a slice of Double Chocolate Loaf and Pain au Chocolat, and put them in my bag for later.



After our Dessert-For-Breakfast we started our walk through the Mission into the Castro.



I’ve never really spent much time in the Castro before. It’s a really cool neighbourhood with fun shops, boutiques and restaurants.



Sassy Castro.



Eventually we found our way to Miette!



Because I’d already bought so many baked goods I didn’t really need any more…



Which is such a shame, because Miette’s Gingerbread and Old Fashioned Cupcakes are incredible.



I’m definitely going to have to come back here on a day when I haven’t already purchased 6lbs of baked goods!


Pain au Chocolat

16km later it was time for a rest. We turned on Mrs. Doubtfire, sat on the sofa and enjoyed the rest of our treats 🙂

Hiking and eating are quickly becoming my favourite activities in SF…

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  1. mads permalink
    August 8, 2014 9:56 am

    A Hot Cookie post is in order!! loving your posts

    • August 12, 2014 11:10 am

      A few people have said the same thing!! I’ll definitely need to check out Hot Cookie ASAP.

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