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Hikes & Movies in the Park

August 5, 2014

Google Shopping Express is a wonderful thing.

Reese Big Cup

I can be sitting around craving sweets and because I’m often too lazy to actually get up and go get something, I can simply open my computer, choose what I want, and Google delivers it within a few hours!

San Francisco really knows what’s up.


Giant Reese Cup

Reese’s Cups are so much better when they’re giant and when they’re brought right to my door.


Blowing Up Screen

Last week Lauren and Aaron told us there was going to be a movie playing in the park, and when we found out they were playing The Princess Bride we were extra excited.


Inflatable screen

The sky was still light once the screen had been inflated, so they played a few Looney Tunes cartoons while we waited for it to get darker.


Movie Treats

While we waited we got situated on our blanket. A movie just isn’t a movie without an obscene amount of snacks!!


Inigo, Vizzini & Fezzik

Finally it was dark enough for the movie to begin.


Billy Crystal

One of Billy Crystal’s best characters to date.

Such a great movie.


Tiramisu & Cannoli

A couple nights later Cobi was out for dinner with friends, and apparently they’d gone to a small bakery in Little Italy after dinner. Because he’s the best boyfriend ever he brought me some Tiramisu and a Cannoli.



Tiramisu is one of my very favourite desserts, and while this one was good, the Tiramisu at Banfi in Toronto is still my favourite. The Cannoli, however, was fantastic!


Golden Gate View

The day after eating my late night sweets I agreed to go on a hike with Lauren. She and Aaron are taking their honeymoon in Peru later this year and are planning on hiking Machu Picchu while there, so Lauren has been hiking around San Francisco in preparation.



We walked all through the Presidio and along Baker’s Beach, then to Land’s End.


Sand Stairs

To get down to the Beach we had to descend the ‘Sand Ladder’. It was quite steep and not so sturdy, but was pretty cool.


Rock Face

I’d not hiked through Land’s End before, the trails were amazing!


Bridge View

It sure wasn’t sunny, but the views were still beautiful.



You could hike along an open path, or take small trails down to the cliffs for better views, and down to the beach.


Land's End

Lauren and I stopped at the beach to have a break and eat some chocolate.

There’s only so much fitness I can handle before I need a treat…


Ice Cream & Cookies

As a matter of fact, as soon as I got home from our 17km hike I put on my jammies and ate Ice Cream and Cookies in bed.


Ice Cream

The Caramel Core certainly got less impressive as I got to the bottom of the pint…

I ended up finishing the ice cream, and since I still haven’t been able to locate the Cinnamon Bun Ben & Jerry’s I was forced to buy some Phish Food.

Every day is a constant struggle.

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