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Wine Tasting in Sonoma

July 30, 2014

While in University, Cobi did a year abroad in Dublin and he made some really good friends during his time there. Turns out one of them (Jeremy) is living with his girlfriend (Annie) right down the street from where we are staying, and another (Amy) was coming into San Francisco for work! I’d not met any of his Dublin friends, but I’d heard good things and was excited to meet them.


After Amy arrived and got settled on Friday evening, we all met up and decided to go to Roam for some Burgers. Everyone ordered a cool craft beer except Cobi and me – we tried the Caramelized Pineapple Soda and a Root Beer!



The menu had all sorts of Burgers, as well as a make-you-own option. I went for the Heritage Burger (Bacon, Fontina and Caramelized Onions) and Cobi got the French and Fries Burger (Truffle Parmesan Fries, Gruyere, Avocado and Caramelized Onions), and we split Russet and Sweet Potato Fries. The burgers were really, really good, and the fries were awesome too. We’ll definitely have to go back and try some of the other burgers!



After dinner we somehow found ourselves back at Sift


1 of Everything

I was so excited to finally try a Cupcake Milkshake, aka “Cake Shake”. I got to choose my cupcake flavour and I went with Snickerdoodle. They took TWO cupcakes into the back and blended them up into a shake.

(Please note: You can get ‘one of everything’ for $109… I want one of everything)


Sift Mug

While I was waiting for my Shake I looked around the store. I want this coffee cup because it is both adorable and complementary.


Tip Jar

Even their Tip Jar was cute and clever. I tipped extra just to show my support for Puppies (sorry, kittens…), so their plan is clearly working.


Cupcake Milkshake

Finally my Cake Shake was ready. It was sooooo good, well worth the wait!

I was literally drinking cupcakes. What could ever be better?

I still need to try their Ice Cream Sammies, Mini Pies and Macarons (and maybe a Chocolatey Cake Shake), but I’m slowly making my way through their delicious menu!



The next morning was absolutely beautiful, so we decided to make the drive to Sonoma and spend the day drinking wine.



The first winery we went to was Gundlach Bundschu. We chose it because the name was weird and because they had a two for one deal.

Half priced wine is the best kind of wine.


Gundlach Bundschu

Legs. Tannins. Mouthfeel.




After the tasting we went back outside to enjoy the sun and blistering heat. I love San Francisco, but I miss real summer. It was so nice getting a taste of summer in Sonoma!



The Dublin amigos reunited in California.



We decided to grab some food before heading to the next winery, so we stopped for sandwiches at a little shop in town. While standing at the cash waiting to pay I noticed jars with giant cookies…

I’ve named these cookies Face Cookies because they were the size of my face.


Face Cookie

I got a Toffee Crunch cookie and it was so hot out that it melted while I was eating my sandwich! This is why you should always eat dessert first. A Pulled Pork sandwich isn’t going to melt…



I also got a Butterscotch Root Beer because I thought the label was funny.



Where to go next?



Imagery Estate Winery!

This was a really cool boutique winery. It only sells its wine on the property, and all the labels are unique pieces of artwork.

My favourite part of this tasting was the Chocolate Covered Blueberry given with the Blueberry wine… It was delicious. The wine was good too.



Goodbye Sonoma, you were wonderful.

Next adventure will have to be Napa! Anyone have more suggestions for California adventures? Ideas welcome 🙂

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