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Sift Dessert Bar

July 22, 2014


I’ve found my new favourite bakery in San Francisco.



It’s called Sift Dessert Bar, and it’s magical.


Sift Store

You’d think I wouldn’t like it because their motto is “We’re Frosting Obsessed”, but I’m smitten.



Cobi and I stumbled upon it while wandering around Fillmore one sunny afternoon, and I had to check it out.



They had cupcakes – Berry Cheesecake, Snickerdoodle, Carrot, Key Lime, Cookies & Cream and Red Velvet.

Sift Cruffles

They had ‘Cruffles’ – Their version of Cake Pops



They had Macarons, Pies, Frosting Shots (exactly as they sound) and Cupcake Milkshakes (you pick a Cupcake and they blend it into a Milkshake!!)


Cookie Sandwiches

The Whoopie Cookies really caught my eye, Cream Cheese frosting sandwiched between two big, fresh cookies. I’m not into frosting, but I’m into that!!



The store also sold cute baking materials, greeting cards, and cool recipe books.



I ended up getting three Cupcakes to bring home, and couldn’t wait to try them.


Tippy Cupcakes

Whoops, apparently I’m an aggressive walker.

I got an All For The Cookie, 24 Carrot, and Berry Good Cheesecake. They were all really good, but the Cheesecake was my favourite!


Little Box

A few days later Cobi and I went to a dinner and I decided to pick up some dessert.


Sift Treats

I ended up going to two Whoopie Cookies and 5 Cruffles.


Whoopie Cookies

The cookies were Rainbow Sugar with Cream Cheese Frosting, and Chocolate Chunk with Cookies & Cream Frosting. Both were SO good.



The Cruffles were Pink Champagne, Cookies & Cream, Lemon, Double Chocolate and Carrot. I was a big fan of them all.

I have yet to try a Cupcake Milkshake, but you can bet I’ll have one the next change I get!!

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