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World Cup Final

July 18, 2014




Cobi and I were in San Francisco for the World Cup Final, so we Googled “Best German Pubs” and came across Leopold’s.

We went to check it out the day before, to see how big it was and decide how early we should arrive.



Leopold’s opened at 11am and the game was at Noon, so we decided to show up at 9am to ensure we got a good seat.



We were second in line, behind a German guy (wearing Lederhosen) and his girlfriend (wearing a Dirndl dress). The let us borrow their flag for a photo.



Around 10:30am I stepped out of line to take a look at the crowd – boy was I glad we came so early!!



We got a good spot in the middle of the pub, with a solid view of the TV. Thank goodness those 3 people weren’t taller!



There was a special World Cup menu for the day, and it included a 2 litre Mimosa boot… So obviously we ordered it.



It had more than a bottle of champagne and a hint of OJ – my type of Mimosa!


Das Boot

Even splitting it with Lauren, it was a pretty aggressive beverage.


Big Sip

Das Boot!



Apparently Lauren and I were drinking it too slowly, so Aaron leant a helping hand. What a helpful helper.



Even the beers were big, but paled in comparison to the Mimosa.



By noon the bar was completely packed, with standing room only left by the door. I’d say about half the people in line didn’t make it into the pub.



Before the game got started we ordered some food to give us energy to cheer on Germany. Two thumbs up for German Pretzels!


Wiener Schnitzel

The World Cup menu had lots of awesome options, so Cobi and I decided to each get a different dish and share both. We asked the waitress for recommendations, and she suggested the Schnitzel and Käsespätzle, so that’s what we went with.



Both were good, but the Käsespätzle was awesome!



Once the game got started, the environment got pretty lively.

For those who watched, you know the game was pretty tense.



Once Germany scored their goal, the pub erupted!



I’m so happy we decided to go to a German Pub to watch the game, it made it so much more fun and exciting.



Way to go, Germany!!

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