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Weekend in Montreal

June 21, 2014

About a month(ish) ago Cobi and I hopped on a train and made our way to Montreal to see my cousin’s graduating performance from the National Theatre School.

The main reason for the trip was of course to see Ben perform and spend time with family, but we knew there would be delicious perks!


Half Sour

Like Half Sours at Schwartz’s Deli!


Smoked Meat Sandwich

Our train got in just before 11pm, where we met up with my cousin Madelaine and made our way to Schwartz’s for some late night smoked meat.

After our meal we met up with Ben at his apartment and caught up for a bit before calling it a night.


Cora's Breakfast

The next morning we all met up at Cora’s for breakfast. Nothing like starting your day with Cinnamon Raisin Brioche French Toast with Bacon, Eggs and a mountain of Fruit!

After breakfast we wandered around Montreal, and slowly made our way to the theatre for the matinee performance of PREY.

Now, I may be totally biased because we share genes, but I firmly believe that the play was absolutely phenomenal and Ben was the best part!



After the play the whole family went to L’Express for a delicious dinner (and lots of wine!).



Delicious food, delicious wine, delicious company. I rarely get to spend time with this part of the family, so a big dinner with everyone together was just so lovely.


Flottante with Caramel

Now on to the fun part – Dessert!!



“Ile Flottante au Caramel”, the floating dessert.

Meringue floating on crème anglaise, covered in a Crème brûlée-type sugar coating with Almond crisps. It was very impressive to look at, but not my favourite.


Rum Baba

We also got a Rhum Baba and a Maple Tart, both of which were very delicious! The Maple Tart was definitely the favourite of the table.



After dinner we went out for a few beers at Dieu du Ciel, then the cousins decided to get a little crazy and have a wild night – so we bought a board game and cards and got candy as betting chips!

Go up a ladder? Everyone gives you a piece of candy. Fall down a snake? You give everyone a piece of candy. We also played some poker, but at that point I had eaten all my bets…


Nutella French Toast

The next morning the family met at Orange Café for breakfast.

I had Nutella Banana French Toast with Eggs, Sausage and Hash Browns. So good.


Peanut Butter French Toast

Cobi had the same but with Peanut Butter Banana French Toast. Also good, but mine was better.

If your breakfast doesn’t include chocolate, what’s the point?



After breakfast Cobi and I meandered around Montreal before having to catch our train back to Toronto.


Chocolate Cupcakes

We passed by a little shop called Juliette & Chocolat and stopped in to take a look around.



They had lots of delicious looking treats, but the little jars of Caramel Fleur de Sel caught my eye!


Caramel Fleur de Sel

It was a thick layer of dark chocolate Mousse, then a layer of chocolate Ganache, a thick layer of Fleur de Sel Caramel topped with dark and while chocolate Brownie Bits!



It was really, really good. And the small size was perfect as it was quite rich.

Overall the trip was practically perfect in every way!!

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